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One in a million

By REW Editor 2023-02-21

It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyways. A million dollars is a lot of money. And in terms of what it can buy you, location is an interesting part of the equation. While the price of a bag of delicious Canadian-made Hawkins Cheezies might cost about the same in Vancouver as it does in West Kelowna, the same can’t be said about a 3-bedroom home. 

The cost of a home varies widely across BC. A 30-minute drive east in some parts of the province can have a dramatic impact on home prices. Let us guide you on a million-dollar tour of beautiful British Columbia. One home at a time. 

Kamloops, BC | $999,500


So, who’s moving to Kamloops with me? This 5-year-old custom-built rancher is just steps from the lake, and also close enough to the 4th green on the Tobiano Golf Course that you can heckle golfers stuck in a bunker*. If you love natural light and outdoor entertaining, welcome home. 

Worth a look. 

*REW assumes no responsibility for any golfers who can’t take a joke, or hit a 3-putt. 

Vancouver, BC | $925,000


It’s not the whitest apartment we’ve ever seen, but remove the leather chair, and it’s in the running. This 2 bed + den sits on the 36th floor, featuring amazing views of the downtown skyline. It’s only four years old and comes with some impressive amenities. 

Check it out. 


Hope, BC | $995,000



Because if you can’t find your dream home in Chilliwack, don’t worry…there’s still Hope. That joke never gets old. This 3,236 square foot home is only two minutes to the shores of Kawkawa Lake, so pack your bathing suit and fire up the MasterCraft. You’re going to enjoy your summers here. 

See the listing. 


Nanaimo, BC | $999,900


Speaking of four-year-old homes, here’s another for you to consider. It comes with five bedrooms, a legal suite, and a huge deck and firepit area for optimal marshmallow toasting. Everything about this home is open and inviting. 

See the listing photos.


Trail, BC | $995,000


Nestled right along the Columbia River, this 4 bed + 4 bath 3,140 square foot home in Trail features some incredible views. Cherry cabinets, granite countertops, maple hardwood floors, and maybe our favourite feature of them all: there are several fruit trees on the property. 

Say hello to fresh produce. 

As you can see, a million dollars looks very different across the province. Sometimes it comes with a hot tub, and sometimes with a hot plate. The good news is that location is all about perspective. One person’s happiest place on earth is another person’s oh my god look at all the lines and how expensive everything is - and is Mickey supposed to smell like corn dogs?

Whether your homeseeking adventure takes you to the King George Corridor, Queenborough, or Prince Rupert, we’re here to roll out the red carpet. Start your search on REW.