Marketing for Agents: Get Your Mailings Noticed with Lumpy Mail

Mike Blaney
February 26, 2015

“Lumpy mail” is defined as anything three-dimensional and mailed in an envelope, and it is one of the most effective ways to get your mail noticed and opened. I am a fan of this technique – as long as it is part of at least a 12-month contact strategy. It should only be used every third or fourth mailing, not every time.

Why should you mail things to your clients and sphere of influence on a regular basis? Think of the Four Rs of real estate marketing:

  1. Reactivate dormant clients
  2. Retain clients
  3. Build Referrals
  4. Build Repeat business

Examples of Lumpy Mail

Here is a list of products or items of value you can mail:

  • Memo pads – add a pencil
  • Personal memo pads (with the recipient’s name on it) – add a pen
  • Carry-all tote clip
  • Keychain or keychain token for unlocking grocery carts
  • Folding calendar
  • Credit card–sized magnifier
  • Area map (sometimes available free from your local city hall or visitor’s bureau)
  • Tickets to an event
  • Nine-volt battery for smoke detectors (check with the post office first)

Here are a few campaign ideas incorporating lumpy mail:

  • Newsletters: add a plastic monopoly house
  • Market update: add a pen, a monopoly house, or a credit card–sized magnifier
  • Postcards with restaurant directories: add a plastic fork
  • Personal letter: enclose a personal memo pad with the recipient’s name on it
  • Just sold/Thinking of moving letter: keychain for their new keys

You get the idea. People are curious about what is in the envelope, so they open it. They appreciate the time and effort you put into the mailing, and the next time someone mentions real estate, BAM – your name comes to mind.

The added value is that your marketing keeps on working long after the envelope is discarded.

Mike Blaney
Mike Blaney has been providing a wide range of marketing services to REALTORS® for more than 14 years. Limelight Marketing Solutions is a collaboration of enthusiastic marketing professionals that are committed to driving measurable results for REALTORS®. The company offers services including social media marketing, search engine optimization, video marketing and much more.