Luxury Condos for Cars Planned for Richmond

Hungerford Properties is marketing the storage facilities as high-end “car condos”
Andrea Nazarian
September 19, 2017

High rollers in the Lower Mainland now have the option of reserving deluxe car storage spaces, in a planned “luxury auto storage condominium” development in Richmond, according to Canadian developer Hungerford Properties.  

“Trove” is a new type of project for the developer, a well-known residential and commercial builder. While luxury car condos may be a new undertaking for Hungerford, they have already garnered a substantial amount of interest. According to the Trove website, 80% of units in the two-storey commercial development have already been reserved.  

Trove will be located at the corner of Knight Street and Westminster Highway in Richmond, and will be made up of 45 storage units of 1,000 to 2,500 square feet starting at $600,000. Units will be sold as “base shell” models, which can be embellished with a menu of upgrades or by choosing one of four pre-designed interior motifs. The commercial development is expected to be completed in 2019, though the City of Richmond confirmed in a Metro News report that Hungerford has not submitted an application for the site (13571 Sparwood Place) as of September 18.

“We’re really excited about Trove,” said Michael Hungerford, partner at Hungerford Properties. “It is the first of its kind in Vancouver, and with Vancouver as the number one per capita luxury supercar market in North America, we are confident it will be popular amongst buyers and investors who share a passion for cars. As such, Trove will be much more than storage; rather, it will be a network and community of elite car lovers.” 

According to the Metro report, the Trove development has sparked frustration in Richmond housing advocates, who argue that many in the Lower Mainland can barely afford condos, let alone luxury housing for cars. The report explained that Michael Hungerford responded in writing by stating that Trove is a commercial development in an area zoned for industrial use. 

See renderings of the Trove facilities below. 

Trove goodwood
Photo: Hungerford Properties

The "Goodwood" pre-designed interior comes with its own private bar


Trove Stuttgard
Photo: Hungerford Properties

The "Stuttgart" design is inspired by German engineering, according to the Trove website


Trove Detroit
Photo: Hungerford Properties

The "Detroit" motif is "inspired by the emotive growl of American auto culture"

Trove Clubhouse
Photo: Hungerford Properties

The Trove "clubhouse" will host exclusive events for property owners

Andrea Nazarian
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