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Let’s own real estate together.

A new way to invest in Canadian real estate.
By REW Editor 2022-10-24

Buy yourself some real estate, they say. As if it’s that easy. It’s true that over the past (insert pretty much any time frame) years, Canadian real estate has made for a pretty outstanding investment. Hooray for those in the market already.

But what about those of us who missed the seemingly unstoppable upward climb, sitting at the bottom of the mountain without any gear or real mountaineering experience? What about the next generation of homeseekers and real estate investors looking to enter the market and carve out their own real estate adventure? 

With a stiff challenge facing many Canadians, we thought it would be worth the time to take a closer look at a company trying to solve some of these glaring issues. addy’s mission is to enable every human to own property regardless of income, age, gender or background. That sounds pretty good to us. But do they have the gear and climbing experience to guide us to the summit? Let’s find out together. 


Pass the income.

With addy, you can own a piece of a Starbucks in your hometown, a hotel in a city you love to visit or an affordable housing project in a community you care about. Seriously. 

After just two years, addy has helped thousands of Canadians buy property for an average investment of $346 across almost 30,000 transactions. Together, addy members have purchased 26 properties for a total asset value of $451M+.

In the past, these types of commercial investment opportunities have only been available to one kind of investor: the richest kind. The Jim Pattison, Dragon’s Den panel kind. But now, addy is making the prospect of real estate ownership obtainable to everyone, and we mean everyone. Property investments range from $1 to $1,500, so finally, it’s true. Your avocado toast money can literally buy you a piece of real estate. No need to cancel brunch.


Brunch is saved.

Now that we have your attention, addy does have goals other than saving brunch. Most notably, helping Canadians access more investment opportunities. Here’s how they do it. 

addy’s software enables many individuals to come together to invest in a specific property. They work with a General Partner who purchases a property by typically going out and raising capital from wealthy investors. Instead, the General Partner works with addy’s investors, who come together to make a whole piece of a property investment. 



This brings more parity to commercial real estate investing, where deals often aren’t even public. When you sign up for addy, you can browse offerings, become a member and invest anywhere from $1 to $1,500 into properties across Canada. You can make money through distributions such as rental income or from the eventual sale of the property. Cha-ching. 

Check out this second episode in our addy series, where Stephen interviews Keith Roy, the General Partner of 2930 Cambie Street. Keith explains how addy chooses properties and General Partners with specific examples that’ll put your mind at ease. 


There’s room at the top. 

and then


Trying to enter the real estate market is difficult. It’s even more daunting to enter the commercial or multi-family  market. Prices are through the roof (pun intended), investment minimums are usually quite high, and it’s rare to even know when deals are available. addy built their platform to allow everyone to take part in real estate ownership. Whether it’s $50 or $500, anyone can own a piece of property with addy. 



Cap in hand.

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While we love the offering, it’s addy’s membership model and investment cap that really align with our values here at REW, where we put a lot of effort into helping people find their next real estate purchase. addy’s goal to enable as many people to enter the market as possible is driven home by their investment cap, which is set at $1,500. This helps make room for thousands of investors and ensures that big money doesn’t take over deals and concentrate capital any further. That’s an offering worth exploring. 

In our final episode, Stephen sat down with multiple addy investors to get their take on addy. Listen to Monika and Albert discuss why they chose to invest with addy, and how their experience has gone so far. 



Learn the ropes. 

To learn more about addy, you can create an account free of charge. Watch properties come onto the platform, read details on offerings, view property videos, join their Discord server and chat with other members, attend meetups and connect with the addy community. A little bit of education on your real estate journey can go a long way. You might just find yourself owning a piece of a Starbucks for the price of a cup of coffee.