Layar Bridges the Gap between Newspaper and Web

March 26, 2013
Imagine potential home buyers opening their Real Estate Weekly and watching a virtual tour of a home you're selling.

Or seeing all the details of your listing. Or instantly contacting you with one click.

We can make that possible from your newspaper ads.

We are erasing the line between print and digital media through the use of augmented reality.

Layar augmented reality free app available on Real Estate Weekly and Glacier newspapersIt's easy for you to join the experience. All it takes is Layar, an app you can download for free to make Real Estate Weekly come to life.

While Layar has been used by hundreds of magazines in Europe, Real Estate Weekly and Lower Mainland Publishing (part of Glacier Media) are the first media groups in the world to use the app across all their publications.

Layar uses your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet to recognize images in the Real Estate Weekly that have been enabled for augmented reality. It translates these images into buttons and notifications on your device's screen, allowing readers to instantly view related videos, share articles on social networks, click on websites mentioned in stories and much, much more. The app takes you beyond the paper's pages.

It's easy to use. Start the app, point your phone's camera at the page, tap the "scan" button and Layar's interactive buttons will appear on your screen. Tap any of them to be taken to virtual tours, image carousels, Facebook pages, Twitter and more.

Layar is extremely versatile. If you can imagine it, Layar can do it.

Newspaper pages, photographs, advertisements and other images can all utilize the Layar image recognition platform to allow the augmented reality components to appear instantly on readers’ smartphones or tablets. This makes it cleaner for designers and easier for consumers to use.

You can entertain and inform readers, and allow them to share your listings via email, Facebook and Twitter, buy products and services, or contact you conveniently — without needing to put down the paper and fire up a computer and open a program.

Layar bridges the gap between traditional newsprint and the evolving digital landscape. To join the more than 28 million people who have downloaded Layar, visit layar. com or your app store and start imagining.

How can Layar build your business?