Investing Success #4: Get Great Deals to Come to You

Julie Broad
August 19, 2014

Sometimes it's hard to seek out a really great real estate investment deal. But in 2012, three of the deals we did came to us.

The first one was a deal we tried to do in 2011, but we weren't willing to pay the price the sellers wanted. The second one was a house our neighbour sold to us. And the third one was from a marketing campaign we had done several years before.

When we tell people this, everyone comments on the fact that we're featured in magazines, everywhere online and well known in local real estate circles, so it makes sense that deals find us. That may be true, but none of those deals came to us because of any sort of "fame" we have.

Each of those deals came to us because we're area experts and we've taken steps to let people know where we buy and what houses we'd be interested in. We don't even look at deals beyond a few areas in Nanaimo, let alone in other cities. It simplifies everything we do and it allows us to get deeply entrenched into the areas where we want to buy so people can bring deals to us.

Once you've picked your property type and your market, choosing a submarket and becoming the known expert investor for that area is the secret sauce that takes your investments to the highest level without you having to dedicate all your waking hours to finding great deals.

This part takes work and time and when I say time, I definitely mean more time than two hours on MLS® in the evening. But once you've invested the hours into building a foundation, it doesn't take much work to stay on top of things in your submarket and spot the money making deals. And it won't be that many years before deals come to you too!

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