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Interior Vinyl Film: How to Quickly and Cost-effectively Renovate a Home

A new approach to renovating interiors is wowing the market
By Rodion Sarsatskii 2021-01-07

When buying a new house, many thoughts inevitably pop up in your head: How much will it cost to renovate these rooms? What are the available options for replacing the furniture, repainting, or even ordering custom designs? When does it make sense to go for cost vs durability?

To get the treasure, one must slay the dragon. The same goes here - you cannot tailor your cozy place to your liking without dealing with these issues. With this in mind, Nelcos is providing a solution to renovate the house which embodies the advantages of all other options, and it’s called Architectural Vinyl Film.


How Architectural Vinyl Film Works

The architectural film is a self-adhesive interior film that consists of multiple layers. It can be applied to any solid surface, whether it’s a scratched door or a faded countertop; even a fridge is easy to refinish. It completely imitates real materials: Marble, wood, texture, and even stone. Overall, there are 450+ patterns available that feel real to the touch and can cater to any design solution. With the use of a heat gun and a squeegee, the film is simply applied to the surface and it wraps any curves or seams as the air-channelled structure allows it to stretch up to twice in size.

Many homeowners and real estate agents used to have a justifiably negative opinion of interior films. For years, the only solutions on the market were cheap wraps that peeled off in a year and looked questionable in close-up. However, Hyundai L&C, the architectural film manufacturer, is a fully reputable and recognizable brand name, and Nelcos has never received a complaint about the vinyl film's quality. Maybe this is the reason why this renovation solution is getting so trendy?


Why Interior Vinyl Film is a Good Design Choice


Home-buyers always keep in mind that they need to save thousands of dollars to refresh the interior. Have you seen the starting price of a single kitchen cabinet? Let alone the installation cost? Architectural film typically saves up to 50% in such projects without any loss in quality. Custom-made items may go way beyond your budget limit. Imagine how much real marble countertops would cost. Now, it is an affordable trend in interior design.


The upper layer of the film is a transparent protective layer that prevents scratches, peeling off or any other damage to the film. It would still be reasonable to use a cutting board on your refinished kitchen countertops, though. Nelcos ensures that the interior film will maintain its original appeal for 10+ years and provides a 5-year warranty. Contact with water can do no harm as it is made of vinyl. Antifungal, antibacterial, fire-retardant, eco-friendly, the refinishing material picked up the best characteristics.

Fast and quiet installation

Renovation always causes noises, unpleasant odours, dust and other waste products. What could be easier and quicker than applying the film? Well, maybe simple painting could be a competitor in speed, but definitely not in quality. Lots of fuss and activity interruptions are preventing ready-to-become renovators from upgrading their interior: it distracts too much. Projects with the architectural film are usually completed in a day or two. Quietly done inch by inch, they do not attract much attention of homeowners.

Universal and infinite design solutions

Trying to figure out where the film cannot be applied is a real test for one’s imagination. Floor, appliances, cabinets, doors, fireplace, furniture - anything can be turned into a new material with corresponding tactile sensation. A marble shower cabin is not a dream anymore (no worries, the film is slip-resistant). An entire blue matte kitchen or texture panelled walls, such design solutions used to take lots of designers’ time and efforts to find a corresponding material and a general contractor able to do so.

Marble bathrooms and glossy white kitchens are not just a rendered picture or a photoshoot in a luxurious penthouse. They are simple to implement, they are real, and they can be brought to any house. These are the reasons why architectural vinyl film is attracting so much attention among designers and DIY-ers. Discover why there’s excitement about vinyl film on or browse their pattern catalogue.