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How to Create Content About Your Market’s Most Searched Neighbourhoods

By Justin Kerby Sep 9, 2021

Becoming an expert in your neighbourhood takes time and effort, and creating content that highlights your expertise is no different. When it comes to content creation, you should always be thinking about finding new ways to introduce your potential clients to neighbourhoods you represent.

Discovering which neighbourhoods are popular, both to your existing clients and potential clients is a great place to start. For your current clients, it’s easy to analyze their most requested areas, but for potential clients, identifying popular neighbourhoods can be a bit more tricky. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to see what’s trending amongst home seekers and plenty of ways to take advantage of the data.

Identifying popular neighbourhoods

Before you create any content about trending neighbourhoods in your area, you need to identify your cities’ hot spots. REW.One is REW’s new agent offering that puts agents in the know. Once signed up, agents can easily see what thousands of in-market home seekers are looking for, including which popular listings and neighbourhoods are trending upward. You can choose to share this data with home seekers on your One Profile and to inform your overall marketing strategy. It’s the easiest way to identify popular neighbourhoods and create content about your market’s most searched areas.

Interview local experts

Once you’ve identified your market’s most popular neighbourhoods, it’s time to begin strategizing and creating content. You can create dozens of kinds of content, but we’d recommend starting with a local interview series. You can conduct your interviews on your blog, in your newsletter, on social media, or in video format. Whichever way you choose, try to get the most prominent names and most trusted experts in your neighbourhood to help give credibility to your marketing efforts.

If you’re looking for some ideas to get started, try asking the owner of a popular local business to discuss the recent changes taking place in the neighbourhood. Mortgage brokers, elected officials, business owners, or other notable neighbourhood figures are all excellent interviews to start collecting and presenting to your potential clients.

Go live on location

Get acquainted with filming a video that isn’t live before you test this feature out, then give it a shot from your Instagram or Facebook business page. Going live in a community is one of the best ways to reinforce the idea that you are the local expert. Layout a rough script of what you want to talk about during your video, so you don’t miss any talking points, and use visuals as much as possible. Try showing your audience the distance from a given location to a popular restaurant or coffee shop by doing the walk yourself and highlighting a few things you love about the neighbourhood along the way.

Make best-of lists

Writing is one of the best ways to get in front of your target audience, as home seekers frequently turn to search engines to have their real estate questions answered. Create a marketing plan that includes writing articles that highlight the best things to do in your market’s most searched neighbourhoods. An easy way to begin writing is to search for the top articles on your topic and then try to create content that goes a step beyond what’s ranking well in search.

You can also try turning these lists into video content for your social media channels. Take what you’ve written and highlight the key takeaways from your piece, then use those parts of your article as a script. This is an easy way to repurpose your content and offer both videos and articles on your market’s most searched neighbourhoods.

Create content about frequently asked questions

When any of your clients or potential clients ask you a question about a neighbourhood, be sure to write the question down in a notebook or on your smartphone. Save these frequently asked questions for a time when you can work on your marketing efforts, and then turn them into pieces of content. Your goal is to become an educational resource for your potential clients so that when it becomes time to buy, you’ll come to mind as the local expert.

Don’t just stuff frequently asked questions into one blog post or page on your website. Instead, build out a neighbourhood overview section on your website that details frequently asked questions and links out to other pages where visitors can learn more about their specific wants and needs.

Build Neighbourhood Overviews

Think of these neighbourhood overviews as anchor pieces of content, which you can link out to and link back to whenever you create a new article for your website. Your neighbourhood overviews should be in-depth, including (but not limited to) the following:

-A general market overview

-Recent sales data

-Major employers in the area

-Economic and business highlights

-An investment property overview

-Quotes from local experts

-Popular parks, restaurants, trails, and other amenities

-Crime statistics

-School overviews

-Transportation options

These overviews take time and effort to build, but if you create them properly, you’ll be giving your clients a valuable resource that they can use to get to know a neighbourhood. If you update neighbourhood overviews and continue to build content that links back to them, you’ll be on your way to ranking higher in search results.

Another way you could structure your neighbourhood overviews is to turn them into downloadable ebooks. These are media-rich documents that offer stats, graphics, and data on a given neighbourhood, which you can then offer to site visitors in exchange for their email addresses. It’s a great way to generate leads for a particular area that you can market to at a later date.

Creating content about your market’s most searched neighbourhoods is a fantastic way to capture more traffic and become an inventory expert in a busy area. It’s also a way to bring in new listings, as people searching for introductions to new markets are often looking to sell before they buy. Use your content to help home seekers see you as the local expert, and you’ll be on your way to more site traffic and more clients.

Justin Kerby
Justin Kerby is the founder of Something Great, a digital marketing agency that specializes in real estate branding and content creation. They help companies create social media strategies, newsletters, blog content plans, and advertising campaigns.
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