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Home Staging Worth Investment to Sell Property – But Few Do It: US Survey

February 2, 2015

Home staging is extremely helpful for prospective buyers and is more likely to result in a sale at a higher dollar value than an unstaged home, according to a US National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) survey.

Eighty-one per cent of buyers’ agents responded that staging makes it easier for their clients to visualize living in the home, 49 per cent said that most buyers are affected by home staging and 47 per cent said that some buyers are affected.

The survey also found that 46 per cent of buyers’ agents said that staging made buyers more willing to view a home they have seen listed online, and 45 per cent said that their clients will typically spend more if a home is decorated to their tastes. Some 28 per cent of agents even said that staging made their clients overlook faults in the property.

Thirty-two percent of buyers’ agents believe staged homes increases the price buyers are willing to offer by 1-5 per cent. Nineteen per cent said there is no impact on the dollar value, and 16 per cent believe staging increases the dollar value by 6-10 per cent.

However, the survey’s findings among sellers’ agents did not correlate with the positive impact of staging found by buyers’ agents.

Only 34 per cent of listing agents said that they stage all homes for sale, compared with 44 per cent who said they just advise the seller to declutter and fix any faults.

Thirteen per cent of listing agents said they only stage homes that are difficult to sell, and 4 per cent stage only high-priced homes.

The survey also found the median price to stage a home is US$675.