Great Ways to Jump-Start Your Home’s Décor for Spring

Michelle Hopkins
February 1, 2016

The New Year is a great time to jump start your spring home décor. What better way to get inspired than to attend the 45th Annual BC Home & Garden Show at BC Place Stadium running from February 17-21? As the longest running show in the Lower Mainland for renovation, landscaping and lifestyle experts, you can expect to go home armed with a host of new ideas and trends.

"This year, showgoers can look forward to new products, new features, HGTV celebrities and over 400 experts to help them with their home, garden, lifestyle or cooking conundrums," says show manager Tyson Kidd.

One of the newest attractions is the Westcoast Smart Home by Trinity Post & Panel. A new company from 100 Mile House, they will be building one of their new post and panel construction homes at the show.

"Also, for the first time at the Vancouver shows, HGTVs Carson Arthur will be appearing," he adds. spoke to a couple of award-winning interior designers who offer a snapshot into what will be trending at the show.

Kendall Ansell, Kendall Ansell Interiors

What are your picks for key design trends for 2016?

  • Large light fixtures over islands in kitchens (small pendants are out).
  • Mixing metal finishes (gold, brushed nickel, chrome).
  • Interesting tile layouts:We have been doing simple tile patterns for a few years now and I'm starting to notice people wanting to stand out from the rest by changing the orientation of the tile or mixing different tiles together.
  • Heated floors in more spaces than bathrooms and smart devices being used more frequently.
  • Formal dining rooms are making a comeback
  • Stainless steel in a black finish is popular in appliances.

What are some of the biggest and/or costliest mistakes home owners make regarding either renovations or decor?

  • Starting the project without being prepared: As designers we plan jobs upfront for our clients so the choices of materials are made before the job begins. Often people do not plan enough in advance and are having to make decision on the fly which can be costly in both dollar value and time.

Any great ideas for outdoor decor and gardens?

  • We love outdoor entertainment areas, spice gardens and retreat areas with a hammock or swing for relaxation.

Jamie Banfield, Jamie Banfield Interiors

What are your picks for key design trends for 2016?

  • White and two-tone colour schemes: Kitchens and bathrooms are the features of any home; we are seeing some timeless trends in 2016 with white cabinetry continuing to be a popular choice, while other spaces are incorporating coloured islands or bases, creating two-tone cabinets. Keep the upper cabinets white or natural for the timeless feel and play with colour and texture in the island or base cabinets. We are seeing a lot of wood texture and bold, deeper tone colours in this accent.
  • Dark stainless appliances: For appliances, stainless steel is still the number-one choice for consumers, but we are seeing manufacturers take daring spins on this stainless that are paying off, such as black stainless, with a recent poll that two out of three buyers would prefer the darker finish instead of the polish.
  • Eclectic buying habits: There is a large shift from high gloss modern and the farm country kitchen towards creating a more eclectic space that is taking the best of both worlds. Open concepts, modern conveniences, more personal appliances such as steam ovens, fridge drawers and second sinks are mixed with live edge wood product, open metal shelving, textures brick walls, multiple layers of metals and woods to create a versatile, welcoming kitchen.-
  • Adding a bit of nature: Natural texture in any space adds layers and luxury that everyone is looking for. Millwork is being taking back to old roots such as oak, and wire brushes are being used for a natural finish. Large format tiles and big countertop statements are included in spaces to look like natural stones.

What are your tips for creating a gorgeous room without spending too much money?

  • Texture, texture, texture: Layering texture and adding in raw materials such as stone, wood, live edge countertops, or old beams to craft a coffee table will strike the right balance. Do not be scared to mix multiple woods, metals and textures.
  • Mix and match: Mixing and matching can be a great way to make any space feel built over time, luxurious and warm. By purchasing a mixture of tables or dining chairs, you can add layers well and be a bargain hunter at the same time, hitting the clearance sections of stores to save lots of cash. The key is to have something in common, so scale, overall shape, tone, and style.
  • Adding personality: Adding personality by adding some photos to standard stock Ikea frames, and installing them in a large scale with the same distance apart you can create a large focal point in any space that is movable. Feel free to change out the photos if you get sick of them. These images will leave an overall impact of scale, personality but will also add talking points from guests.
  • Indoor-outdoor use: Think of furniture and décor that can be used on the patio or in in formal interior gathering. We are seeing a lot of exterior fabrics that will work well indoors. In Vancouver, instead of storing your patio cushions away for the winter, bring them indoors to create a new look for zero pennies.
  • Quality hardware: A simple way to make any home or space feel more elegant and substantial is in hardware. By adding heavier, high quality hardware, you can make a large impact in the feel of the home. Start with your entry door. When purchasing hardware go bigger, bolder and heavier. You can implement this in cabinet hardware in the kitchen, bathroom, and door handles to all spaces. This simple detail will add a layer of luxury and substance to any space.

For more information about the 45th annual BC Home + Garden Show, running February 17 to 21, visit

Michelle Hopkins
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