Fraserview East Vancouver

July 12, 2012

Fraserview, a quiet neighbourhood in the southeast corner of the City of Vancouver, is known for its sweeping views of the Fraser River. The first non-native settlers arrived in the 1860s and two decades later Fraserview was incorporated into the Municipality of South Vancouver.

Fraserview remained largely undeveloped, residentially, until the end of the Second World War, when a shortage of housing for returning soldiers sparked construction of 1,100 new Fraserview homes.

Due to its proximity to the river, Fraserview has always included a strong industrial presence. However, since the late 1980s, the trend has been toward residential development and dozens of condo developments on the river side of Marine Drive enjoy the proximity of blue herons and tugboats. A vast area that once was a sawmill is being developed as the River district, designed to be walkable and include all amenities as well as a variety of housing.

On the slope above Marine drive, many of Fraserview's houses built between 1965 and 1985 are "Vancouver Specials" -- boxy structures with low-pitched roofs, balconies across the front, main living quarters on the upper floor and secondary bedrooms below.

Typical prices for Fraserview homes, which include houses, divided houses with rental suites and condos, range between $333,000 and $816,000, making the community an affordable choice for young families and first-time home buyers.

Fraserview Amenities

Fraserview Shopping

Fraserview is closely associated with Victoria to the north and the City of Richmond to the south, with both of these areas providing numerous retail opportunities. The Punjabi Market on Victoria Drive attracts shoppers for its inexpensive jewelry, fabrics and Southeast Asian goodies, while Richmond boasts numerous shopping malls, several of which have an Asian influence.

Schools and Education in Fraserview

Primary schools

Fraserview Caf├ęs and Restaurants

Fraserview and nearby Victoria include authentic southeast Asian diners, such as All India Sweets, Himalaya Restaurant and Rubina Tandoori. Also, the Fraserview Clubhouse offers a licensed bar, baked goods and its own 'Signature' hotdog.

Fraserview Sports and Recreation

Fraserview's waterfront provides plenty of parks and recreational opportunities. Gladstone-Riverside Park, for one, features a popular walking trail and pier with clear views of the Fraser River. A main attraction to the neighbourhood is Fraserview Golf Course, which is open to the public seven days a week and boasts a two-tier partially covered driving range. Non-golfers are also welcome to come and enjoy the golf course's park-like environment. For fun and fitness, Fraserview residents head to Killarney Community Centre, which offers a gym, tennis courts, games room, youth centre, dance studio, playground, steam room, whirlpool, indoor swimming pool and an ice-skating rink.

Fraserview Transportation

Public transit in Fraserview includes many TransLink bus connections along Victoria, Knight and Marine Drive. The nearby cities of Richmond and Burnaby are also easily accessed by car and public transit.

Fraserview Property Statistics

Home prices*
Houses $816,000
Townhouses $470,000
Apartments $333,000
Average gross rent $861

*Source: Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, average sale prices in Fraserview, Champlain, Killarney, South Vancouver for 12 months ended November 3, 2010 **Source: 2006 census for Victoria-Fraserview

Fraserview Demographics

Population 29,200

65+ 17.1%
40-64 34.5%
20-39 26.4%
19 and under 21.9%
Fully owned 9,510
Single-detached house 37.6%
Semi-detached house 0.3%
Detached duplex 32.8%
Row house 3.7%
Apartment, under five stories 25.0%
Apartment, five or more stories 0.2%
Rented dwellings 35.4%

*Source: 2006 census for Victoria-Fraserview

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