Five Useful Mortgage Articles for Those Looking to Move to Canada

November 9, 2016

As mentioned in our article today on US-style homes listed in the Lower Mainland, the Immigration Canada website has reportedly crashed due to an overload of people trying to find out how to move to Canada, following Donald Trump’s shock presidential election win.

For those people who are seriously considering a move – or for Americans currently in our country who are considering staying permanently – we have published a series of articles by mortgage expert Atrina Kouroshnia. Over the past two years, Atrina has written several articles for on tips and tricks for newcomers to qualify for a Canadian mortgage and validate their down payments from non-Canadian sources.

Here’s a useful round-up of all Atrina’s advice in one place, in reverse chronological order. Note that all but one were published before the new overseas buyer tax came into effect, which must be taken into consideration for non-residents buying a home in Metro Vancouver.

November 2016: Can Temporary Residents in Canada Obtain a Mortgage?

April 2016: How Non-Residents – including Americans – Can Qualify for a Mortgage in Canada

June 2015: Down Payments from Overseas Funds: What Buyers Need to Know

August 2014: Mortgage Qualification Tips for Newcomers to Canada

Another useful related article is by Richard Bell, who discusses mortgages, buying and selling of Canadian real estate for non-Canadian residents in the following article (again, note this is pre-overseas buyer tax).

September 2014: Key Considerations for Non-Resident Buyers and Sellers