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Five Top Apps that Will Actually Help Your Real Estate Business

Darci LaRocque
September 27, 2016

Are you sometimes confused which apps or software to use or download that will actually help your business? Say goodbye to that dilemma! I’ve broken down the top apps or software I would recommend for REALTORS® who want to be game-changers in this world of awesome technology. (This article is also a webinar, so if you want to watch this and other free webinars click here.)

  1. Real business should look like one. Is everything syncing with everything? Do you have an email domain that looks neat and professional, like [email protected]? If not, then Google Apps for Business should do the trick. Your business is based on trust and respect through communication. Initial communication should always be at your side and not left updated somewhere else– send emails from your own domain, manage your calendar, and your very important list of contacts with everything working seamlessly and syncing seamlessly. You are falling behind if you’re not yet using this. Seriously! Do yourself a favour and check it out.
  2. Sign your documents anywhere. One important aspect of running your business is your ability to do things at the shortest possible time from virtually anywhere. You certainly don’t want to miss an opportunity just because you need to go back to your office to get something signed – has that ever happened? I have to say that signing documents in 2016 has never been this easy! I’d recommend using Docusign – it has an app available across iOS and Android platforms so you can sign documents from all your devices in no time, and it lets you go paperless as well. The other option is Authentisign. Check either one out – but do it!
  3. Connect, reconnect and build relationships. As you know, the best way to get clients in the real estate industry is through referrals. And what better way to get referrals? You got it right – from your previous clients. So yes, for one, it’s important to always set your best foot forward when dealing with every client. And the other thing is for you to have to constantly remind them who helped them out in the past. Keep in touch with your past clients by using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and set up drip campaigns that work! We’ve been using Realty Juggler for years and the interface is pretty straightforward with very great support! Get three months free from me here and if you like it they will give you two more months!
  4. Increase your success rate with open houses. I know how stressful open houses can be, but with technology paving the way to eliminate roadblocks, you should never feel that way again. OpenHome Pro is an app you can download to minimize your efforts during open houses but still end up triumphant. The technology is very smart you can download your lead information quicker than ever and access it anywhere! It even does a background search of your visitors as soon as you log their information on the system. It’s so cool and handy you’re sure to be one step ahead of the game.
  5. Save, access and share files anywhere in the world. Cloud storage is becoming the way of life. Imagine saving thousands of your files and having the peace of mind and security that you always have a backup of everything you need. As they say, there’s nowhere else to go but up – and yes, everything now goes up to the Cloud. I’d recommend Google Drive especially if you have signed up for Google Apps for Business as it comes for free with it. Microsoft OneDrive and Dropboxdo the same thing, so they’re worth checking too.

These are just a few of the apps and software I have tested and used. If you’d like to get your hands on everything I recommend, feel free to visit my Resources page – Let me know which ones work best for you in the Comments section, below. 

Darci LaRocque
Darci LaRocque is an award-winning real-estate technology consultant, trainer and speaker. Darci has been featured in many national newspapers, magazines and spent three seasons as a tech expert on the national TV show Get Connected. Darci works privately with REALTORS® and brokerages helping them be more comfortable with technology and take it to the next level. She also has an online course specifically for REALTORS® showing them how to automate their business systems.