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Five Hottest Home Buying Stories of 2014
By Dec 17, 2014

prides itself on being the Lower Mainland’s leading source of home buying advice – and it would seem our readers agree. Here are the top five most-read articles in the site's home buying section in 2014 – all of which are just as relevant now as when they were written.

1. How to Buy a Home Before It's Built: Pre-Sale Tips

Thinking of buying a pre-sale condo? You might be tempted by the tantalizing array of pre-sale development units available in the Lower Mainland, some with attractive incentives. (Just check out our Developments section!)

But there are many potential pitfalls associated with buying a unit before it’s built. In this extremely popular article, we examined the advantages and disadvantages – and explain how it all works so you can minimize your risk.

2. Avoid the Shock of 12 Unexpected Home Buying Costs

Every home buyer knows they need to find the money for a down payment and get a mortgage to finance the remainder of the purchase price. But many buyers – especially first-time buyers – fail to properly budget for all the other costs associated with buying a home.

Our second most popular “Buying” category story this year was a comprehensive look at all the costs – whether obvious or not so obvious – to arm home buyers with the information they need to budget properly.

3. What’s Right for You: Townhouse or Condo?

There are so many things to factor into the equation when you are looking at buying a property. In Vancouver, the house market is out of the question for many first-time home buyers, but is a townhouse out of the realm of possibility? Or would a condo suit your needs better?

In this article for, local real estate agent Barry Magee analyzes the two property styles and weighs up the pros and cons of each.

4. How to Buy a Home and Keep Your Lifestyle

In this pricey Vancouver real estate market, do you have to give up the lifestyle and neighbourhood you love to buy a home you can afford? Not at all.

There's a back door to the real estate market, and not many people use it. The plan is, you don't buy your home. You rent in the place where you want to live, with the lifestyle you love. You buy investment property in the area you can afford, and rent it out to other people.

5. Buy Vs. Rent: Which is Better Long Term?

To buy or to rent? It's one of the most hotly debated questions in any city – and nowhere more so than the Lower Mainland. Here, expensive housing means that buying can be a trade-off between your money and your lifestyle (unless you follow the rules of article #4 in this list!).

While many believe that the benefits of owning your home far outweigh being beholden to a landlord, others argue that more money can be made over the long term by investing the savings made from renting in high-yield securities.

Here we outline the pros and cons of renting versus buying, to help you see which choice is ultimately going to offer the best long-term financial outcome for you.

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