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New Homes

First things first.

Chapter 1: Monika sits down with MLA Partner and President, Ryan Lalonde.
By REW Editor 2022-11-14

When Canadians think about their real estate options, buying a new home might not come to mind right away. If I can’t afford a home built in the 1960s, the thinking goes, how could I afford one built three years from today? The answer to that question could surprise you. A new home might just be a new hope for first-time buyers, for more than a few reasons. 

REW’s Director of Real Estate Monika Rau recently sat down with the team at MLA to learn more about the prospect of buying a new home, meeting first with Partner and President Ryan Lalonde. Watch the first episode of our conversation with MLA to find out if buying a pre-sale property is right for you.



Dive deeper into the new home journey in our next chapter, as Monika and Ryan discuss next steps, amenities being offered in today’s market, and what buyers should consider before committing to a new home purchase. 


Watch episode 2


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