Fall Home Trends and Expert Advice, All Under One Roof

Michelle Hopkins
October 11, 2016

Western Canada’s largest and longest running fall consumer event comes to Vancouver on October 27. The 33rd annual Vancouver Home + Design Show, which last year attracted nearly 40,000 visitors, will help inspire and motivate you to transform your home. From TV celebrities to award-winning local interior designers to manufacturers of everything to create a beautiful home, as the show’s director Tyson Kidd says, “It’s all under one roof.”

During the show, visitors will be able to tour the Telus home of the future and hear from a line up of guest speakers such as W Network’s Game of Homes and Cottage Life channel's Colin & Justin’s Cabin Pressure.

“We are presenting the Telus Future Home, which showcases a 560-square-foot space that is completely and totally interactive, automated and futuristic,” says Kidd. “Imagine walking up to your home and your doors unlocking as soon as they recognize your smartphone, or your coffeemaker turning on when your alarm goes off in the morning, or the automatic dog food dispenser feeding your pet when you can’t make it home on time and all you have to do is open an app on your smartphone to make sure Fido doesn’t starve.”

REW.ca spoke to Mia Parres and Rob Evans, stars of the HGTV’s hit shows The Expandables and Home to Win, to get their take on what’s new, what’s out and what to do (or not to do) in home renovations.

Evans says the duo will be speaking to audiences about “the possibilities and potential of falling back in love with their homes.”

“In this rising housing market, and massive costs of taxes on moving (let alone the cost of moving itself), people are looking for ways to see the space they have with fresh eyes and we have lots of tips and tricks to help everyone fall back in love with their nests,” he adds.

Here, Mia and Rob share their tips for fall home trends.

What are some of the most unique trends this fall?

Mia: Herringbone – we're seeing a lot this pattern everywhere – on the floors, walls, and in the textures in our spaces. Fall is the time for layering up and popping this trend into a throw over your sofa, or as a new design feature in a backsplash, is the perfect way to stay on trend as well as being timeless. And if you're looking for design inspiration, it makes the perfect backdrop for a fall fireplace.

Another fabulous trend is marble, and lots of it. We're all familiar with the classic Carrera marble counter top, but that comes at a price (not only dollar but also maintenance and upkeep). This fall we're seeing a lot of marble in accessories, which is a smart way to add in dimension into your space (think coasters, cutting boards and even frames) without breaking the bank.

Anything new in the renovation business? 

Mia: On the design end of renovation, we are seeing a lovely swing in renovation for homeowners learning to love their homes again by investing in small updates in their spaces. From new pot lights, to opening up spaces by relocating often-obtrusive HVACs, homeowners are thinking smarter, saving more in moving costs, and falling back in love with their homes. 

What is the best bang for your dollar in terms of renovations?

Rob: The best bang for your buck is making smart investments. Even countertops can be a place where going with quartz in a timeless colour selection – think solids with a minimal amount of movement, or a bold marble replica – will stand the test of time.

What is the biggest decor or renovation mistake home owners make?

Rob: The biggest mistake in renovations we’re seeing is poor planning. Homeowners need to make sure they budget properly, plan their renovation spaces in the correct order if they plan on tackling multiple floors, and measure everything twice. Taking the time to evaluate your space can really save a headache later on, and will also help with greater, longer term results in their renovations.

Should one follow trends? 

Mia: Trends can be very cyclical, so I always suggest taking a classic slant to any trends that you want to pour a chunk of your budget into. If you love a certain tile pattern, perhaps do it in neutral colours so that you don’t tire of it. If you love colour, think twice before investing in colour appliances, unless that is the look you're going for. But if you want to have fun with trendy accessories, I think it’s very inspirational to pop over to your local accessory vendor and spruce up your home with trendy items that will help give you fresh eyes on your home and living space. 

What is really passé?

Mia: Passé for me would have to be (and Rob will love this!) televisions that aren’t mounted on the wall. I think these days it’s a really lovely touch to have your cords hidden away (hire a professional to help you find studs), and keep your TV console clean and tidy. It allows the space to breathe a little bit and is something everyone can do to elevate their space.

The Vancouver Home + Design Show runs Thursday, October 27 to Sunday, October 30 at the Vancouver Convention Centre West. For more information or to buy tickets, visit www.vancouverhomeanddesignshow.com.

Michelle Hopkins
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