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Facebook Advertising: Fundamental Strategies for Real Estate Agents

How to build your own Facebook ads to drive awareness, leads and more.
By Justin Kerby Jul 17, 2020

Facebook advertising has become an important marketing tool for real estate agents. From listing promotions to seller lead generation, there are a multitude of ways that agents can take advantage of the platform. If you’re not familiar with Facebook advertising, these are some of the fundamental strategies that real estate agents can use to grow their following, get more buyer leads, and attract sellers.


Growing a Facebook Following

One of the most popular ways agents use Facebook advertising is to grow their page following. Increasing the number of people that follow your page can increase engagement with your listings, help with referrals and recommendations, and make you truly look and feel like the local real estate expert to a new potential client. Most home shoppers start their search online, and Facebook is one of the first platforms potential buyers and sellers will look to evaluate agents and brokerages. If you only have a few followers and no reviews on Facebook, you won’t inspire confidence in your potential clients.

It’s also important for agents to look at Facebook not only as a sales tool but as a client retention tool. Once your clients and potential clients interact with your page, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with them for years to come. Take that opportunity seriously and create content that keeps you top of mind.

To grow your following, we’d recommend a two-fold Facebook advertising strategy. First, set up a page growth campaign. This is a Facebook advertising campaign designed to get more people to like your page and subscribe to your Facebook updates. Target your ads at people in your area, and test out demographic targeting to see what works best for you. We’d recommend targeting people showing signs they may move soon, like newly engaged couples.

The second part of growing a following is setting up a boosted content strategy. Set aside a budget for promoting your posts on Facebook to people who don’t follow your page, and use the same targeting strategy as in your page growth campaign. Your posts will start being shown to people who’ve also seen your like ads, upping your chances of attracting a new follower. The more touchpoints the better.


Listing Promotions

As soon as the for sale sign hits the dirt, start a listing promotion campaign. We’ve tried multiple strategies for listing promotions, and this formula works best:

-Use multiple high-quality photos in your ad

-Highlight the key property features in the Facebook post (and don’t be afraid to use emojis)

-Drive traffic to a form to prequalify leads

For listing promotion, Facebook’s lead capture forms are a great choice. When an interested Facebook user clicks on your ad, they’ll be directed to a form that is pre-filled out with their Facebook information. All the end-user has to do is click submit, and their verified information will be sent directly to you. This means fewer fake leads and more time spent on the phone with interested buyers.

Try asking potential buyers to submit their information in exchange for something. It could be to see the home’s asking price, to speak to an agent, or to get a detailed overview of the neighbourhood. This is the best way to up your conversion rate.


Seller Lead Campaigns

For seller lead generation, we’d also recommend using Facebook’s lead capture forms, but with a slightly different strategy. While buyer leads can come from any listing promotion, seller leads need to be nurtured through a different process.

We recommend heading to Google Maps, taking a screenshot of a small neighbourhood in map view, and using that image for the Facebook ad itself. Then, use Facebook’s targeting options to run your ad at that specific location, narrowing down your audience to less than a one-kilometre radius. Ask people in the area if they’d like to find out their home’s worth, and drive the traffic to a lead capture form. This is a great way to drum up new seller leads.

If your brokerage or personal website offers any sort of home worth evaluation tool, you’ll be able to send your new leads directly to the tool. If not, you can follow up with them in an email and provide them with a time to meet and discuss your evaluation.


Retargeting Campaigns

While it may be a bit more complicated than the previous Facebook advertising campaigns we’ve mentioned above, this type of advertising is absolutely fundamental for agents. Facebook retargeting campaigns are some of the most profitable ads you can use to promote your business and get more clients.

Retargeting or remarketing is the act of showing an ad to someone who has already interacted with your brand. Typically, it’s serving an ad to someone who’s visited your website. The reason the ads are so successful is that they are targeting people who have already shown an interest in your business and services. A retargeting audience is always going to be much more likely to become a client than an audience you set up through regular Facebook targeting, or any other advertising service for that matter.

To start a campaign, you’ll need to set up a Facebook pixel in Facebook Business Manager and install it into your website’s header. If you have a website manager, you can have them do this for you quickly, it takes less than five minutes. Once it’s installed, Facebook will start tracking who visits your website, and within about a month’s time, you’ll have an audience large enough to advertise to with your retargeting campaign. It likely won’t be a large audience, which is another bonus for retargeting campaigns. Small audiences mean smaller budgets needed to reach everyone with your ads.

For each of the strategies listed above, be sure to analyze the data after a campaign concludes. This is where you can find out important information like where the majority of your audience hangs out. Look at Instagram vs. Facebook usage, Androids vs. iPhones users, and the average age and gender of the people who click on your ads. Keep refining your data and eventually, you’ll be running Facebook advertising campaigns that convert traffic at a very high level.

Justin Kerby
Justin Kerby is the founder of Something Great, a digital marketing agency that specializes in real estate branding and content creation. They help companies create social media strategies, newsletters, blog content plans, and advertising campaigns.
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