Did You Know the Spooky Mansion from “It” is in Toronto?

The über-freaky home is located in Toronto's Riverdale neighbourhood
Andrea Nazarian
October 31, 2017

Did you know that the super-creepy mansion from the hit Stephen King horror film It is actually in Toronto? We didn’t either.

Located at 450 Pape Avenue in Toronto’s Riverdale neighbourhood, the freaky-deaky house is actually a historical Victorian home. According to a Blog TO report, the home is named Cranfield House and is known for its Edwardian architecture.

Cranfield House
Photo: Instagram @photopixbytina

The home was built over a century ago back in 1902 by food mogul William Harris, but later changed hands to the Salvation Army in 1930 to be used as a centre for social aid.  

Now that the movie has become a worldwide success, Cranfield House has become a major Toronto attraction. Despite its newfound popularity, there are unfortunately no official tours of the Cranfield House, as the home was only used for interior shots in the film. The exterior shots were filmed on set in Oshawa, Ontario. 

Check out the Oshawa movie set below. 

Andrea Nazarian
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