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Canadians Enjoy Second-Most Living Space Per Person: Global Survey

By 2017-02-14

At 1,792 square feet, Canada ranks third out of nine major global countries in terms of average home size, after Australia and the US, according to a new survey by Point 2 Homes.

The survey – which polled 29,000 respondents in Canada, Australia, the US, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Brazil and Mexico – also found that Canadian respondents came in second only to the US when it comes to living space per person, at 618 square feet on average.

Point2Homes survey Home-Size-CA-1

Point2Homes survey Home-Size-Per-Person-2-CA


Most Canadians polled seemed to be happy with the size of their home, with 58 per cent saying that they didn’t not want a larger home. In fact, when asked what made a good-size home, the largest proportion of Canadian respondents selected the 1,001-1,500-square-foot category – smaller than the average Canadian home size.

Point2Homes survey Good-Size-CA-1


Broken out by province and city, in British Columbia, the average home size among respondents was 2,077 square feet – and 23 per cent of BC respondents said they live in homes of over 2,500 square feet in size, a proportion beaten out only by New Brunswick.

Point2Homes survey Home-Size-Table-by-Province-CA


In Vancouver, 29 per cent said they live in homes of less than 1,000 square feet, with 18 per cent in the 1,001-1,500-square-foot group and the remaining 52 per cent living in homes of more than 1,501 square feet. Nearly a quarter of Vancouverites (24 per cent) reported enjoying homes that have more than 2,501 square feet of living space.

Point2Homes survey Home-Size-Table-by-City-CA


A surprising 20 per cent of Vancouverites said they thought less than 1,000 square feet was a good size for a home – but the highest proportion of local respondents, at 32 per cent, said that more than 2,501 square feet is ideal.

For more survey results, click here.

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