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Burnaby’s Building Permit Values at Highest in Years

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By Janaya Fuller-Evans Aug 18, 2015’s sister publication Burnaby Now. To read the original article, click here – and for more local news and comment, go to

This year’s building permits to date have brought in more money than in the previous three years, according to a Burnaby city staff report.

As of July, the city had received $448 million from the 897 permits it has issued. Though more permits were issued in 2012 – 966 by June 30 – they brought in less money; only $238 million.

Of the 897 permits issued, 244 were for commercial buildings, 228 were for single-family homes (164 of those were for new builds), and 223 were for demolitions.

There were also 70 permits for multi-family buildings, with 21 of those for new builds.

As of June 30, there were permits issued for 164 new single-family dwelling units, 52 duplexes, 121 strata units in buildings up to four storeys and 923 strata units in buildings higher than four storeys in 2015.

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