Burnaby Neighbourhood Info

July 12, 2012

The City of Burnaby is located between the City of Vancouver to the west and New Westminster, Coquitlam and Port Moody to the east. In 2011, Burnaby accounted for 10.3% of the Greater Vancouver Regional District's ( GVRD) population with an estimated population of 223,218. Originally a rural, agricultural area, it now boasts lively neighbourhoods, high-density residential and commercial areas, parks and recreational facilities, and an extensive school system. Burnaby is the third largest city in British Columbia, behind neighbouring Surrey and Vancouver. The head office of the GVRD is located in Burnaby.

Burnaby's ratio of residents to park lands is one of the highest in North America. Major parklands include Burnaby Lake Park, Deer Lake Park, Burnaby Mountain, Squint Lake and Central Park. Not just for the outdoorsy types, Burnaby is also home to the largest entertainment and shopping complex in British Columbia, Metropolis at Metrotown. Home to over 450 shops, services and restaurants, Metrotown is located centrally with excellent transportation links to Vancouver and neighbouring suburbs.

The real estate market in Burnaby is a growing one, with many single family homes in residential North Burnaby, and higher density apartment buildings concentrated in the Metrotown area. The growing urban and sustainable community at Simon Fraser Univercity near Burnaby Mountain consists of only apartments and condos and aims to house up to 10,000 people. Median real estate price for houses in Burnaby is $867,864. The average price for a townhouse is $505,287, and the average price for a condo is $358,753. View Burnaby MLS® listings and upcoming open houses

Burnaby Amenities

Burnaby Shopping

Burnaby boasts British Columbia's largest shopping and entertainment complex, Metropolis at Metrotown. There are over 450 shops and services, restaurants, and a Cineplex in this centrally located mall. In North Burnaby, residents and tourists love the charming outdoor shopping street known as "The Heights" with small local shops, cafes, and restaurants that are popular with the community. There is also Crystal Mall, a large Chinese mall with specialized shops, boutiques and regular events, located in the Metrotown neighbourhood.

Schools and Education in Burnaby

There are 41 elementary schools and 8 secondary schools in the Burnaby School District. There are 7 community elementary schools as well as French Immersion options. Post-secondary institutions in Burnaby include Simon Fraser University located on Burnaby Mountain, and the British Columbia Institute of Technology(BCIT).

Burnaby Cafés and Restaurants

Burnaby offers a range of ethnic cuisines, popular chain restaurants and family oriented restaurants. There are a number of Italian and Croatian restaurants concentrated in the Burnaby Heights shopping district and on Hastings Street in North Burnaby along with cafes and restaurants in the busy Metrotown area.

Burnaby Sports and Recreation

Burnaby enjoys one of North America's highest ratios of parklands and green spaces to residents. There is an abundance of parks, nature reserves and waterways in Burnaby including Deer Lake Park, Burnaby Lake Park, Central Park, Burnaby Mountain, Robert Burnaby Park and Squint Lake.

Sports enthusiasts can enjoy Burnaby Mountain Golf Course and Driving Range as well as various pitch and putts, community centres and fitness facilities, and swimming pools.

Burnaby Transportation

Burnaby is centrally located in the Greater Vancouver Regional District and is accessible by bus links, the SkyTrain lines which go directly into Burnaby and the Trans-Canada Highway which links Burnaby to Surrey and beyond.

Burnaby Property Statistics

The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver divides Burnaby into three distinct areas and calculates the MLS® Home Price Index for each. It's a benchmark price for a typical property of each type in the area.

Home prices Burnaby East*
Houses $729,600
Townhouses $423,400
Apartments $357,600
Home prices Burnaby South*
Houses $938,400
Townhouses $429,400
Apartments $377,200
Home prices Burnaby North*
Houses $903,400
Townhouses $427,500
Apartments $343,200

Burnaby Demographics

Population*- 223,218*Source: http://www12.statcan.gc.ca

60+ 18.1%
40 to 59 34.6%
20 to 39 30.4%
5 to 19 16.4%
0 to 4 4.7%

*Source: http://www.bcstats.gov.bc.ca

Fully owned 61.5%
Rented 38.5%

*Source: http://www.bcstats.gov.bc.ca

Detached 49.3%
Apartments 50.7%

*Source: http://www.bcstats.gov.bc.ca

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Why I Love This Neighbourhood
I love the Burnaby Hospital area with its richness in cultural diversity and it central location connecting to the heart of City. A good mix of wonderful single family homes and a growing number of new Condo developments making this area very vibrant. Home to Inman, Cascade Elementary schools, the very well known Moscrop Secondary High School which are all designated "French Immersion" and the acclaimed British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) College Wonderful Schools and homes in a great area. Plenty of locally run businesses in the area making it seem like a little town of its own. The Burnaby Hospital area, what a wonderful place to live! Submitted by Al Kabani, RE/MAX Central