Boost Your Facebook Response by Analyzing Your Numbers

Elizabeth Wilson
February 21, 2014

The great thing about communicating via social media is that you can find out exactly what results you're getting... and you can use that information to improve on them.

The big guys call this data mining or site analytics, but you can do it too, starting with your Facebook page.

Facebook presents your page results in nice clear graphics. Its Page Insights feature lets you look at the big picture and compare post results, or focus in on separate posts to see details. And you can find out more than just the numbers of Likes, Shares and Commentslearn where they came from, and what time of day they visited... even a demographic and geographic breakdown!

Here's how to get started digging into your own Facebook data.

1. Get at least 30 Likes.

Facebook only provides Page Insights to pages with over 30 Likes, so get your friends and relatives to Like your page.

2. Click "See Insights" to go to your Page Insights.

Facebook Page Insights link

Now you're on the Overview page. At the top there's a quick tour that will take you through the six tabs and show you how to use the information behind each one. Definitely take the tour.
The Overview page itself is a snapshot of the most important activity on your page over the last seven days: new Likes, how many people your posts reached, and how visitors engaged with your posts.

Facebook Overview page

Click on the headers of the different sections for more detail.

3. Use the tabs to go deeper.

Facebook Likes tab

How many people Liked (or unLiked) your page, and where those events happened.

Facebook Page Insights Reach tab


Posts that get Likes, Shares or comments are shown to more people. This tab shows how many people were reached.

Facebook Page Insights Visits tab


Where on your page visitors are going, and where on the Internet they came from.

Facebook Page Insights Posts tab

When people visited last week, plus 3 months' engagement data for all posts.

Facebook Page Insights People tab


Age, sex, location and language of people who engage with your page.

Take the tour of Facebook's Page Insights, and consider how you can use the information you'll find there. For instance, maybe the people you're attracting aren't the same demographic as your current clients... should you create posts more in keeping with your current clients, or continue doing what you're doing in hopes of adding a new group of clients to your roster?

It's great information, and it's free, so take advantage.

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