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Best Hikes Near Kelowna for The Adventure Seekers

By REW (Real Estate Wire) May 10, 2021

Are you an adventure seeker looking for recommendations on the best hiking trails in Kelowna? We dig into Kelowna's top trail experiences so you can have your hiker’s guide to the universe that exists in this stellar part of BC.

Walking and hiking are weight-bearing, fresh air activities that take exercise to another level. An indoor gym is fine, but if you’re anywhere near a place as stupendously breathtaking as Kelowna, then you’d best be doing it out there.

Spending time in nature could spare visits to the psyche couch in later years. Mental and emotional health improves, and stress evaporates in the great outdoors. Studies have shown additional benefits such as weight loss, reduced blood pressure, and improved mood.

Prevention is way better than cure, and nature's call to get people out there and revel in its magic is for good reason. Without adventure and challenge, the human spirit wanes, so here's a brief of the most loved hikes in and near Kelowna.


Best of the Best Hikes Kelowna has to Offer

There is something for everyone, with both strenuous hikes and lighter trails available. Start small and build your fitness levels, then you can reward yourself with dizzying heights and panoramas you'll never forget.

  • Knox Mountain is the classic, a one-hour Kelowna hike that starts downtown. (Although you can cheat and start halfway up at the parking lot.) Choose between: 

  1. Paul’s Tomb is a gradual incline - great for beginners and takes you to a private beach.

  2. Apex is steep, but the reward is an awesome view of Kelowna and the Okanagan Lake.

  • Mount Boucherie is actually an extinct volcano, which is visible from far and wide. The Boucherie Rush Trail accessed via East Boundary Road in West Kelowna has switchbacks and some steep sections and is a round trip of just under 6 km.

  • Angel Springs Trail  is a longer 11.6 km round trip through the magnificent forest with canyon views and past the geothermally heated springs. Despite that, this is a cooler hike for those hotter days.

  • Lebanon Creek Regional Park lies in the John Family Nature Conservatory in the Upper Mission area of Kelowna. This hiking trail has well-developed gravelling that snakes up the Cedar Mountain and offers the perfect sunset view from the top. 

  • Teddy Bear Loop is part of the Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park. This is a great 7 km circular hike for beginners, complete with spectacular views, lookouts, and rest spots along the way.

  • Stephens Coyote Ridge Regional Park offers several marked trails from the park in Glenmore. The Light Blue Lake trail that gets you up the hill is only about 3 km - a moderately challenging hike, but it’s well worth the views from the top.

  • Crawford Falls near Kelowna is possibly its best-kept secret. It’s down in the canyon in Crawford, East Kelowna, and if you’re hot for adventure then this is your dream come true. There are two routes to the two waterfalls at the bottom. One is for the brave because it’s pretty steep and you have to climb down using a rope. The other is a bit longer but you’ll get there just the same.

  • Goat's Peak on the way to Peachland just outside Kelowna is a favourite. It starts along the water with a big climb up the mountain to spectacular views at the top. 

For any outdoor trail, adventurous hikers included, being well-equipped is critical. Plenty of water, sunscreen, mosquito repellant, strong shoes, and appropriate clothing are essentials. A headlight or flashlight and a cellphone make sense in case you land in trouble.


Calling Adventure Seekers to the Best Hikes near Kelowna

As synonymous as adventure is with hiking, so is hiking with Kelowna. The best hikes tend to create adventure addicts out of most. If reviewing those stunning hikes didn’t touch your inner explorer, we recommend you read again. As T.S Elliot noted: “Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.”

The proof is in the doing, and once you’ve taken yourself and your family out hiking on any of the best hikes near Kelowna, you’ll become an authentic hiking advocate yourself. Your life and health will be all the better for making this captivating activity a priority.

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