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Behind the Headlines: Nic Paolella

By REW Editor 2022-12-19

Together with our event partners, Marcon, REW recently hosted an invitation-only event at the exceptional Outpost venue in Port Moody. 50 guests gathered to listen to some of the sharpest minds in the real estate industry in Greater Vancouver, and to ask some pointed questions too. 

Our panel dove into some of the headlines making waves in the media, highlighting summaries of recent doom-and-gloom stories, and offering compelling insights behind the headlines. Marcon Executive Vice President Nic Paolella chose to speak on two recent stories from Reuters. 

Nic Paolella

In the span of just a few weeks, reporting on The Bank of Canada’s rate hikes has drastically changed. From predictions that rates would climb quickly and in significant jumps, to a narrative that recession fears were slowing the pace of rate hikes, digesting the latest contradictory headlines has been challenging. 

Here’s a clip from Nic’s dive behind the headlines. Watch the full conversation with panellists Simon Bray, Jenny Wun, Ernest Lang, and Nic Paolella on our main event page


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