Beautiful Tiles from Around the World

From Turkey to Toronto, these gorgeous tiles are seriously swoon-worthy
Andrea Nazarian
May 12, 2017

For thousands of years, tiles have been used to add beauty and dimension to interior and exterior spaces. While tiles were only available to the wealthy in older times, today, people from all around the world use tile to embellish their floors, backsplashes, bathrooms, and even walls. Take a trip with us and get some decorating ideas as we admire beautiful tilework from around the globe. 


Spanish Tile

A popular style of tiling in Spain is the Trencadis mosaic, used in Catalan modernist architecture. Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi made use of Trencadis style most famously in Barcelona's Parc Guell. Gaudi would smash up square tiles and use discarded bits of broken cups and plates to create intricate designs like the one above. Maybe think twice before throwing out that mug you dropped last week. 


Portugese Tile

This style of blue and white tile is the Portuguese "Azulejo." While these tiles were historically used in churches and palaces, today they are widely used in bars, restaurants and maybe even your next bathroom.


Mexican Tile

Talavera is the style of pottery and ceramics found in Mexico. This style of painted tile was brought to Mexico by Spanish colonialists in the first century. These tiles would be beautiful in a mediterranean-inspired home or outside to spruce up a wall behind a BBQ. 


Moroccan Tile

Elements of Islamic architecture and design have a large influence on Moroccan tile. The patterns are colourful and intricate, often incorporating mosaic designs and circular, arched shapes. We would love to see this beautiful Moroccan design covering an entire bedroom wall. 


Turkish Tile

Floral designs and patterns are very common in Turkish tile. The "Iznic" ceramics incorporate alot of cooler colours like blues, greens, turquoises but also include pops of orange and pink. We imagine this beautiful tile surrounding a crisp white soaker tub. 


Floor Tile

You don't have to travel too far from home to find beautiful tile! These gorgeous floor designs were discovered by our very own Marketing Manager in Toronto. 

Floor Tile 2

Andrea Nazarian
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