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Chapter 4: Monika and Cameron discuss shifting trends and future developments.
By REW Editor 2022-11-14

New homes being planned today are likely two to four years away from being completed, so we can start to see the trends that will be mainstream in the near future already. But what about the distant future, the down-the-road, flying cars, Elon Musk microchip-in-your-brain kind of future? Is it cool, is it scary, and most importantly, should I bring snacks? My mom can drop us off if yours can pick us up. 

The fourth episode in our series with MLA is all about what homes will look like in the future, from sustainability and environmental features to home offices and everything in between. Monika and Cameron even touch on The Line, a bold project being considered in Saudi Arabia that’s about as futuristic as it gets. Watch the video below.



In our fifth and final chapter, it’s time to look at the future in a different way, and from a different perspective.  


Watch episode 5


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