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An Advertisement to Remember: How to Maximize Your Ad Budget

By Jeff Kee Jul 24, 2015

If you are spending any kind of budget on advertisements, you want the best value for your investment. However, there are way too many advertisements by Real Estate Agents that are an atrocious waste of surface space and budget. Whether it be bus ads, mailers, or hand-out cards, most of them are overloaded with too much text and information, and poorly designed. These ads are not memorable, and the ad budget is basically going down the drain.



Because of the short attention span during which an ad is shown to a potential customer, it’s essential that your brand gets imprinted into the viewer’s mind right away. Nobody will memorize your brokerage address, fax number, cell number and email address all at once. Instead, you need to create an immediate impression of your brand in the minds of your potential clients, with an emotional impact.

Ads That People Remember

1. Simple, short, memorable

Some of the best marketing campaigns by the greatest brands in the world have the simplest slogans with their brand, that are catchy, inspiring, funny, powerful, or a combination of some of these elements.

Nike ad

2. Less is more

When was the last time you memorized the office address, office phone, cell phone and email of a bus-bench advertisement as you drove by? The answer is: NEVER!

Instead, people will see a brand or name that resonates with them and Google it later. It’s better to have get just one or two simple things (your brand and business name) memorized than trying to push a million things on your clients and finding nothing sticks. This is arguably one of the most frequently miscalculated mistakes made by Real Estate Agents – to try to fit MORE information on advertisements.



Realtor ads bad versus good

3. Get rid of your ego, and put your clients first

Somehow we’ve seen an epidemic of Real Estate Agents considering themselves celebrities, which is reflected on their advertising. This may work in select luxury markets for already well-established agents, but for the most part this is a very self-centred approach that will not resonate with new customers.



All advertisements and marketing revolves around solving a problem or offering value to your customers. What makes you better than other real estate professionals? Why should a client choose you over your competitor? What can you do for them that others cannot? That’s what will resonate with the customer.

Client centric ad Michelle Chu

Client centric ad Dave Jenkins

Other Ways To Maximize Ad Budget

1. Get professional design help

Assuming that an ad spot costs you $1,000, a poorly designed ad means you wasted $1,000. Make sure your business is professionally branded, and your advertisement design follows with consistency to make a memorable impact. You are likely facing a slightly higher budget, but it’s always better to invest $1,500 wisely than to waste $1,000 for no tangible results.

2. Frequency is better than wide coverage

Advertisements often take repeated exposure to start sticking in people’s minds deeper, as proven in many studies as well as proven by many researches. Any business has a finite budget. It is better to narrow down your target region or number of homes in an advertisement campaign, and hit those areas more frequently over a longer period of time. Reaching 5,000 people twice a year may get you virtually no results, while hitting 2,000 people five times a year will get you much more recognition.

In Summary

Well-designed, simple and impactful ads that hit your target with the right frequency will bring you better return on investment than a poorly planned out advertisement campaign. If you want a consult on how this can be done better, please connect with me via the links below.

Jeff Kee
With a decade of experience in helping real estate professionals, Jeff Kee is the CEO of Brixwork Real Estate Marketing Inc., specializing in boutique websites, branding, graphic and print media design and digital marketing for the real estate industry.
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