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Agent Spends Whole Commission On Marketing This Listing

By Andrea Nazarian May 26, 2017

Gary Wong and Jana Jin spent over $35K marketing this Shaughnessy mansion

In Vancouver's hotter-than-hot real estate market, many agents are relying on the desirability of their listings as their primary marketing tool. Some luxurious homes around Vancouver are being marketed with little-to-no professional photography, no floor plan, staging, and very sparse descriptions. It's within this sea of sub-par marketing where REALTOR® Gary Wong found an opportunity to do something different. 

Gary and his partner Jana Jin are the listing agents on a new, $10.8 million Shaughnessy mansion and the two have gone above and beyond the status quo to market the home to potential buyers. Together, the two have shelled out over $35K, effectively their entire comission after business expenses and brokerage splits, on the home's marketing budget.

The mansion's equally fancy website, Where Dreams are Made, markets the home with a professional five-minute short fim, complete with several child actors, a hired acting coach, drone footage, props, script and set design, and a full film production crew. If that wasn't enougn, the website also features a professional walk-through video, very detailed descriptions of the home and its ammenities,  and a 54-photo professional photo gallery.

While some may think that spending so much on marketing is overkill, Gary argues that it's worth the investment.

"I've been following Million Dollar Listing NYC for a long time and after seeing the success those agents have achieved with their marketing I figured, why don't agents in Vancouver do this? Obviously, there's a difference in the comission structure but I think that spending $500 to $1000 on marketing a multimillion-dollar listing is just not right," Gary says.

"I think that when I compared the real estate culture of Vancouver to that of other luxury real estate cities like London, New York or LA, I began to wonder why we don't follow suit in terms of marketing. I have this luxury listing here, so why not go all out? It's not the most sustainable option but it should generate interest in the market and hopefully we can use that interest to create a new standard in the industry."

Want to see Where Dreams are Made? Have a look at the short film below.

Want to see more? Here are some amazing photos of the equally amazing home.

Gary Wong Home 2

The attention to detail in this home's decor is mind-blowing


Gary Wong Home 5

We love the wrought iron chandelier in this gorgeous dining room


Gary Wong Home 4

This pristine kitchen is a work of art in itself


Gary Wong Home 3

The home comes equipped with its own 10-metre indoor lap pool and hot tub


Gary Wong Home 6

We wonder if these fish know how beautiful their home is

Andrea Nazarian
Andrea is the Content and Social Media Specialist at Andrea has over five years of multi-industry experience in communications and content marketing. Originally from Toronto, Andrea moved to Vancouver in April 2016 and has been loving the West Coast life ever since.
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