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Neighbourhood Markets

A fortress of solitude.

Beloved local businesses in Fort Langley, BC.
By REW Editor2023-05-11

Neighbourhoods matter a lot. And not just for resale value, either. In their own way, they are alive. They live, breathe, grow and develop. And there’s a sense of each of these places, something that’s impossible to engineer; a certain feeling that comes from knowing the people in your community, and of feeling like you’re a part of it.

If you’ve never had your butcher offer you a free bag of bones for your dog, or had your barista warmly welcome you by your first name, you’re missing out on that neighbourhood that everyone should be searching for. We’re here to help you find it.

A brief history of time.

Fort Langley has an extensive and rich history. Its roots date back to 1827, when the Hudson's Bay Company established a fur trade post on the banks of the Fraser River. This fort became a hub of activity for both Indigenous and European traders, and it wasn't long before a small community began to grow around it.

Today, Fort Langley is a vibrant community that combines its storied past with modern amenities. From unique local businesses to picturesque scenery, Fort Langley has something to offer everyone - from the chestnut trees to the general stores that look straight out of the 1800s. 

Fort Langley


The great outdoors. 

When it comes to delicious food in Fort Langley, look no further than the Little Donkey Food & Drink. This cozy neighbourhood spot is proud to offer “simply burritos and beer”, which is more than enough for the hungry citizens of Fort Langley. There are plenty of vegetarian, vegan and kids options available, and adults will be thrilled to sip on a selection of Trading Post beer on tap. Come hungry.

little donkey


Spill the beans. 

This neighbourhood, per capita, might be packed with the best coffee shops anywhere in BC. We love Sabà Cafe, Blacksmith Bakery, and Wendel’s (more on Blacksmith and Wendel’s later). But if you're a coffee lover and can only make one stop, you won't want to miss Republica Coffee Roasters. This local coffee shop roasts their beans in-house, ensuring that each cup of coffee is as fresh and flavourful as possible. Their menu features a wide range of coffee options, from pour-overs to espresso-based drinks. They also offer a selection of baked goods and light bites to enjoy alongside your coffee. A visit is sure to perk you up.



Read between the lines. 

Wendel’s is a bookstore and coffee shop that passes all vibe checks. Their patio is the perfect place to do some people-watching or get a bit of work done, while the bookstore has a wide selection of titles to choose from. Wendel’s is an institution in Fort Langley, be sure you swing by for a visit when you’re in town. 





The local blacksmith.

Looking for something sweet? Be sure to stop by Blacksmith Bakery. This charming bakery offers a selection of delicious baked goods, including artisan bread, pastries, and cakes - and they’re stacked as far as the eye can see. Their specialty is their croissants, but don’t overlook the danishes and scones. They also offer a range of gluten-free and vegan options, so there's something for everyone.





Get your sweat on.

Looking to stay active during your visit to Fort Langley? Check out Reward Fitness. This gym offers a wide range of classes and programs, including yoga, barre, and strength training. Their experienced trainers are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals, no matter what they may be. It’s a great place to work off that croissant you had at Blacksmith Bakery. 





A beautiful day in the neighbourhood.

It’s hard to put a finger on what makes a neighbourhood a great neighbourhood. There’s a spirit to these places, a meshing of the lives and loves and laughter and losses of all of those who took root there at one time or another. It’s places to eat that would never succeed anywhere else. It’s local grocers whose produce is only outweighed by their personalities. It’s the lives of the people who truly bring the bricks and mortar to life. And that’s worth buying into.

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