9 Easy Ways to Transform Your Home

A new home is never perfect right off the bat, and you may be broke after buying it! So here are 9 low-cost tips to make it great
Joannah Connolly
April 13, 2017

Whether you have purchased your first home, upgraded to a larger home or relocated to a new neighbourhood, moving into a new place is an exciting time. Think of it as an opportunity to create a home that speaks to your personality. Here are 9 easy and low-cost ways to make your new home your own.

1. The power of paint: Paint is arguably the easiest and most cost-effective way to refresh and update any room. Whether you like neutrals, colours inspired by nature or bold hues, paint offers endless options when it comes to giving your space a brand-new look.

2. Transform old flooring: Buy some inexpensive durable floor paint to add uniqueness to a room; or purchase peel and stick vinyl flooring that looks like real wood or tile; or update the floors with nice looking low-cost plywood.


3. Pillows and throws: Throw away the rules and mix and match. Blend a selection of pillows in various sizes, shapes, textures, big or small patterns and/or bold and subtle colours to add interest to your couch and ultimately your room.

4. Revamp existing kitchen cabinets: If the frames and doors are essentially sturdy, you can revamp dated and drab looking kitchen cabinets with a coat or two of paint and some new hardware – it will cost you a lot less than new cabinetry.

Wall Art

5. Cheap alternatives to art on walls: Showcase your cherished belongings – whether it’s a piece of art bought at a thrift store, framed photographs or antlers.  Don’t be afraid to change it up often or with the seasons. Add, subtract and be whimsical.

6. Rethink and reuse what you have: It’s dubbed upcycling … if you have an old dresser gathering dust in your garage, take it out, sand it, paint it and add new hardware. Or take three old chairs and harness them together to create a stunning bench.


7. Shelving: You can create shelving from reclaimed and recycled materials, perfect to display your personal mementos or favourite plants. You can add old pipes as anchors for a chic industrial look. Or add wallpaper on the inside back section to create interest.

8. Transform your patio or balcony: A Baker’s rack filled with herb pots, an old table, a bird cage or a beautiful watering all double as planters. Unusual items on a patio or balcony can add vibrancy.

Plants in Vase

9. Accessorize with nature’s bounty: Next time you go out to the beach or for a walk in the woods grab a bag or basket and fill it with driftwood, fallen twigs or branches. Then, fill your favourite vase or basket with Mother Nature’s bounty for a gorgeous display.

Joannah Connolly
Joannah Connolly is editorial director of Glacier Real Estate, Glacier Media's real estate division. Joannah writes and curates real estate news for Glacier Media's local newspaper websites, including the Vancouver Courier, North Shore News, Burnaby Now, Tri-City News and others. She also oversees editorial content in Real Estate Weekly Homes, West Coast Condo, Western Investor and Glacier's special real estate publications. A dual Canadian-British citizen, Joannah has 22 years of journalism and editing experience in Vancouver and London, with a background in construction, architecture, healthcare and business media. Joannah has appeared on major local TV outlets as a real estate commentator, has moderated and spoken on various industry panels, and spent two years hosting the Real Estate Therapist radio show on Roundhouse Radio.