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8 Ways for Agents to Grow Their Instagram Following

By Justin Kerby Aug 10, 2021

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms for real estate agents, and curating a feed that will attract buyers and sellers is becoming increasingly important. Both new and experienced agents are placing more emphasis on Instagram, to generate leads and as a general branding exercise. Though establishing a solid content plan has its own challenges, growing a following presents a separate set of obstacles to agents. The good news is that there are many things that you can do to grow your following that do not require too much time or effort. Here are 8 ways for agents to grow their Instagram following. 


1. Post on stories 

The stories feature has become common on nearly every social media platform, from Snapchat to Facebook to LinkedIn. Their popularity on Instagram has always been steady. Though they are fleeting in nature, that doesn’t mean that they are any less important than posts on your feed. Posting on Instagram Stories can be a fantastic way to grow your following, as popular stories are often shared by other Instagram accounts. It’s in this nature that Instagram Stories can serve your growth efforts. When someone shares what you post, it opens up your profile to a new audience, giving you the opportunity to gain new followers that wouldn’t otherwise have seen your page. 


2. Tag other brands in your stories and posts

While posting on Instagram Stories can increase your brand’s total shares, tagging brands and people in those stories takes things to the next level. Pages are much more likely to reshare your Instagram Stories when you tag them, as this sends pages a notification that you’ve mentioned them. These mentions often elicit a response from the people you tag, as they look to inform their followers about pages that mention them. It’s a cycle that can quickly lead to growth on the social network, so be sure you’re tagging people in your posts whenever it feels reasonable to do so. Be sure to add these kinds of posts to your real estate marketing calendar


3. Go live with another page  

This can require a bit of coordination, but going live on Instagram is a great way to use video to introduce yourself to another person or page’s audience. When you go live, your followers will see your story before any other stories on their home screen. When you do an Instagram Live with another page, this means that your brand will also be at the top of the home screen for all of the other page’s followers, which can lead to new eyeballs on your page. Look to level up and go live with people that have similar followings to your target audience, especially with pages that have a good amount of followers themselves. 


4. Share your Instagram account on your other social media accounts 

If you have a following on social media networks other than Instagram, sharing your Instagram profile on those platforms is one of the fastest ways to increase your followers. Set a reminder in your marketing calendar to post once a month on Facebook, LinkedIn, and on any other social media pages where you have a following. Share the kind of content that you post on Instagram with a call to action. After all, your followers on other social networks have already expressed an interest in the content you post - drawing attention to other places you share content online is an easy way to grow your following


5. Include calls to action to follow your account in your blogs and email signature

Every real estate agent should have a personal blog, to increase search traffic to your website and provide resources to your clients. When you write blog content, try inserting links to your Instagram account and photos you’ve posted on Instagram right into your blog posts. If you ever have a blog post attract a lot of traffic, a portion of those readers will click through and choose to follow you on Instagram if you make it easy for them to find you. 

Speaking of making it easy for people who interact with your brand to follow you on Instagram, you should consider adding a hyperlink to your Instagram account right in your email signature. If growth on Instagram matters to you more than other social networks, try only linking to your Instagram instead of having links to multiple social media pages. Sometimes presenting people with fewer options works better for growth. 


6. Run a small contest in your newsletter

Having a weekly newsletter is one of the best ways for agents to grow their personal brands online. Your newsletter lets people learn more about your expertise, your experience, and the way you conduct business as a real estate agent. If you’ve already set up a newsletter, try running a small contest every few months to increase your Instagram following. Let people know in an email that you’re giving away a gift card to a few people at random who follow your account this month and announce the winners in a future newsletter. If you have a large newsletter, you’ll see a lot of growth by doing these giveaways regularly. 


7. Comment on and follow local accounts

If you want to grow your following, sometimes following other accounts is the best place to start. Look for local people and businesses on Instagram with large followings, and leave comments on content when you have something to offer the conversation. Keep in mind that leaving comments on pages works best from a page growth standpoint when you do it as soon as someone publishes a post, so if you see a post that’s one day or more old, you likely won’t see much growth from leaving a comment. Leave your thoughts on other large brand’s photos right after they publish a post to see the most growth. 


8. Boost your posts  

Last but not least, it’s crucial to dedicate a small budget towards your Instagram page if growth is important to you. Set aside a budget to boost all of your posts, even if it’s just a tiny amount. A few dollars per post can get your content into the feeds of many potential buyers and sellers, and the targeting options on Instagram are powerful enough to let you define your audience. To grow your following, you should always opt to have your post’s call to action set to “View Profile” instead of driving people to a landing page. It’s easier to grow your following if you send Instagram traffic to your profile page as opposed to taking people off of the website altogether. 

By following these tips, you’ll be on your way to growing your Instagram following quickly. Try them all and monitor your results so that you can double down on what works best for your page.

Justin Kerby
Justin Kerby is the founder of Something Great, a digital marketing agency that specializes in real estate branding and content creation. They help companies create social media strategies, newsletters, blog content plans, and advertising campaigns.
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