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7 Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents in 2021

By Justin Kerby Feb 25, 2021

Social media is always changing, and real estate professionals need to stay updated on the current trends. These seven tips can be applied to all of the major social media platforms and offer agents a clear overview of how they should approach social media marketing this year. Here are seven social media tips for real estate agents in 2021.


1. Get comfortable in front of the camera

Being on camera is becoming more critical every year. We can’t stress enough that getting comfortable in front of the camera in 2021 will help introduce you to more potential clients and help with client retention. In the real estate industry, there’s not much more important than those two things.

After the year we’ve just been through, Zoom calls and FaceTime calls have already become much more popular, and social media posts featuring videos are also trending upward. Video in all of its forms helps you stay connected with your clients, whether it be through an Instagram Story, a live video on Facebook, or something you’ve pre-recorded and edited exclusively for LinkedIn. You can use video to promote referrals, as a way to show off new listings, or to give market updates to your existing clients. Here are a few more ways you can use video to stay connected with your clients.


2. Create a social media calendar

Social media deserves your focused thought and attention at least once per week from a planning perspective. Creating a social media marketing calendar will keep you on schedule and make sure that you’re putting together content every week.

When it comes to platforms, it doesn’t matter what kind of calendar you’re using; even pen and paper works fine (though we’d recommend something digital for the sake of speed). Just commit to spending some time every week creating content, reviewing what you’re going to post, looking for important dates that are coming up, and deciding who you’re trying to reach with your content. This is also an excellent time to review your weekly or monthly budget for social media advertising, which we’ll discuss next.


3. Invest in yourself

You have a marketing budget and are likely already investing in some of the best promotional activities for real estate agents. It only makes sense that you should be committing a portion of that to growing your social media channels. We’d recommend trying the following:

  • A Facebook Page growth campaign
  • A Facebook and Instagram lead generation campaign
  • Boosted Instagram posts that drive traffic to your profile
  • Boosted Instagram posts that drive traffic to your website/listing pages
  • A retargeting campaign

In particular, these five campaigns will help you build an audience on two of the largest platforms that real estate agents should be using. You’ll also find that Facebook’s lead generation campaigns can have a high return on investment for generating buyer leads.

For a detailed look at running successful Facebook advertising campaigns, see our guide to Facebook advertising.


4. Automate authentically

Social media automation is beneficial when used correctly, but you’ll need to be selective in how you choose to automate. Scheduling social media content to be shared at certain times is an example of automation that can help you grow your business. It gives you the space to sit down and come up with your posts all in one go, which is much more effective than posting on the fly. Setting up an automated page like campaign on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram is another really simple way to grow your following authentically, especially if you change out your ad creatives monthly.

On the flip side, there are ways that automation can make you seem inauthentic. Skip the services that pull directly from RSS feeds and post on your behalf or on social media software that posts the same content for hundreds of agents across the country. It’s better to post unique thoughts and market commentary once per week than unoriginal, duplicated content more often.


5. Use social media as a research tool

One way social media is most underutilized in the real estate industry is as a research tool. It can be extremely challenging to get someone on the phone for the first time, and being equipped with a bit of background knowledge can go a long way to keeping them on the line.

Use social media websites to learn at least the basics about your potential clients when possible. For example, if in your research you found that your potential client works on weekends, emphasize that you’re comfortable showing them properties on weekdays. If you know they have children, put the time into learning about the local schools, daycare centers, and parks. Even just taking five minutes before a sales call to get to know your potential clients can give you a big leg up on the competition.


6. What’s new isn’t always what’s better

There is always a new social media tool or community for agents to check out, and sometimes being an early mover pays off. The majority of the time, though, you’ll end up investing a lot of effort into a platform that is less useful to you than it’s been made out to be. When you hear about agents successfully using new social media platforms like Clubhouse, don’t get swept away in the excitement. Continue to invest your time into proven platforms that can help you generate leads and build relationships with your clients until you’re confident that there’s a path forward with a new social media platform.


7. Use social media to promote your owned assets

We’ll start with a real estate analogy here: don’t build your house on rented land. At the end of the day, you don’t own your social media pages, and the rules can change at any time, so it’s crucial to grow the channels that you do own. Think about your website or your email marketing list as places to drive your social media users to, not the other way around.

While you shouldn’t promote these channels daily, it is essential to work things like your newsletter signup page into your social media marketing channels at least once a month. This way, should one of the major social networks change its rules and make it harder for you to reach your audience, you’ll have a backup plan and a way of connecting with them that is entirely in your control.

We hope these seven social media tips for real estate agents will help you become a better marketer in 2021. For more digital solutions that can help grow your brand, check out REW’s suite of agent products.

Justin Kerby
Justin Kerby is the founder of Something Great, a digital marketing agency that specializes in real estate branding and content creation. They help companies create social media strategies, newsletters, blog content plans, and advertising campaigns.
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