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30 Blog Ideas to Attract Buyers to Your Website

By Justin Kerby2021-11-10

Blogging is often overlooked by real estate agents, but it shouldn’t be. When done properly, content marketing can have lasting effects that revolutionize your business. Having just one or two blog posts rank on the first page of search engines like Google and Bing can attract new website visitors, new buyers, and make your entire website rank higher in search as a result. The best part about content marketing is that if you choose evergreen topics that won’t date themselves, you’ll be able to see traffic for years to come. 

Many of the topics below will help introduce your brand to more home seekers by answering people’s questions before they purchase a home. If you want to rank as high as possible in search engines for these topics, try searching to see what is currently ranking in the top spot on Google and then making notes on how you can make a better, more comprehensive article. To be the best, you’ve got to beat the best. 

Here are 30 blog ideas from 10 industry-specific categories that can help bring more buyers to your website.


1. Cost of Living

If you see two neighbourhoods often vying for your client’s attention, try writing a comparative blog on the cost of living in those neighbourhoods. Home seekers often appreciate side-by-side comparisons, we’ve seen agents do very well with this approach. 


Blog Topic Ideas

-How Expensive is it to Live in Kitsilano? 

-Kitsilano vs. Mt. Pleasant: The Cost of Living in Each Neighbourhood, Examined 

-How to Downsize Comfortably in Surrey, BC


2. Service Providers 

Some people searching for these services will already have their own agent, but many will research before deciding on their representation. If you plan ahead, you can even partner with your recommended service providers to have them share your business in return for mentioning them in your content. 


Blog Topic Ideas

-Who are the Best Moving Companies in Burnaby? 

-Which Real Estate Companies are the Best in BC? 

-The Top 5 Mortgage Companies in Greater Vancouver


3. COVID-19 Questions

These are not likely evergreen topics, but as you could imagine, they’ve seen a lot of interest over the last 20 months. Everyone from your potential clients to your existing clients will likely be interested in how COVID-19 is affecting the market. 


Blog Topic Ideas

-5 Ways Buying a Home is Different During the COVID-19 Pandemic

-How to Move Safely During COVID-19: BC Edition 

-Ways to View a Property for Sale During COVID-19


4. Neighbourhood Specific 

Some agents choose to focus their entire blog strategy on this category of topics, and there’s nothing wrong with that approach. Buyers want to know everything they can about a neighbourhood before they make a move, so focusing on these kinds of blogs works really nicely. 


Blog Topic Ideas

-The 6 Best Neighbourhoods to Live in Vancouver, BC

-5 Up and Coming Neighbourhoods in the Tri-City Area

-The 8 Coolest Neighbourhoods in Greater Vancouver


5. Agent Specific Questions

Type “how do agents” or “why do real estate agents” into Google and see what auto-populates. There are a ton of queries about agents, and answering these will help new home buyers find your brand. Try to focus on relevant questions since there are a lot of colourful searches about agents that won’t connect you with the right audience. 


Blog Topic Ideas

-How Do Real Estate Agents Get Paid? 

-The Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent

-Advice for First Time Home Buyers from a Top Burnaby Real Estate Agent


6. Money & Finance 

Though the answers may be subjective, there’s still plenty of space for you to offer your opinion to home seekers looking for advice on budgeting for a home. You’re likely very familiar with these answers already, so putting them into a blog shouldn’t take long, and you’ll be surprised by how many people visit your articles. 


Blog Topic Ideas

-How Much Should I Spend on a House? 5 Steps to Follow

-Financial Considerations When Buying an Older Home

-How Much Money is a Strong Down Payment on a Home in BC? 


7. Definitive Guides

Some of the most significant gains in search engines can be seen from agents who commit to making long-form content. Definitive guides are a great way to do this, and though they take a great deal of time and effort, they’re much more likely to rank than your average blog post. 


Blog Topic Ideas

-75 Questions to Ask When Buying a House 

-Renting vs. Buying: The Ultimate Pros and Cons List 

-100 Tips for First Time Home Buyers in Canada 


8. School Districts 

Always a popular search query for home buyers, writing articles about the top school districts is a good way to connect with buyers before they officially start their search. 


Blog Topic Ideas

-The Top 10 School Districts in Greater Vancouver

-The Top 5 Elementary Schools in Coquitlam

-Does Port Moody Have Good Schools? 


9. Demographic Specific Topics 

If you do a quick search, you might find that some of these topics aren’t written about yet. If you find something that hasn’t been covered, that’s an excellent opportunity to strike. You might not receive a ton of traffic, but being the top resource on a lesser searched topic is better than being on page 50 of Google for a hot topic. 


Blog Topic Ideas

-5 Excellent Communities for New Retirees in Richmond 

-The Top Neighbourhoods in Port Coquitlam for Young Families 

-4 New Developments Every Real Estate Investor Should Know About 


10. General Definitions 

Last but not least, articles that answer basic questions about definitions can bring in a ton of traffic both in featured snippets and in general search results pages. Make a note of what’s currently being featured and do everything you can to provide readers with a more detailed answer, including images, videos, and anything else you can add to offer context. Here is a glossary of terms to help get you started. 


Blog Topic Ideas

-What is a Leasehold Property in BC? 

-Amortization: What It Means, and How it Affects Your Mortgage Payments

-Strata vs. Freehold: Different Kinds of Ownership Structures


Bookmark this post if you’re currently running a real estate blog or are thinking about investing in one. Blogging may sound dated, but it’s still one of the best ways to rank in search engines for long-tail keywords that are worth everything to local real estate agents. Try your hand at some of the topics above today.

Justin Kerby
Justin Kerby is the founder of Something Great, a digital marketing agency that specializes in real estate branding and content creation. They help companies create social media strategies, newsletters, blog content plans, and advertising campaigns.
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