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RealTours is the breakthrough new series from that brings you Canadian real estate like you’ve never seen it before. Join us as we embark on an adventure through the Lower Mainland’s most sought-after neighbourhoods, guided by British Columbia’s best realtors.

The Neighbourhoods.


With views of both The Stawamus Chief and Mount Garibaldi, downtown Squamish is a colourful blend of commerce and community. The area has allowed densification, resulting in more townhomes and condos.

"From 13 years ago to now, there are a lot more buildings, a lot of condos,” says Vazquez. “Plus we have the Farmer's Market. It's very nice to be downtown because you can walk everywhere."

Good news for prospective residents - more housing is on the way to meet rising demand.



Construction is well underway for this 53-acre master-planned community located just east of the downtown core. Developer Bosa Properties is hard at work building over 1200 properties, with a mix of townhomes and condos making up the bulk of listings.

Once completed, the neighbourhood will be linked to downtown by a pedestrian bridge across Howe Sound’s Mamquam Blind Channel. There’s also a proposal for a new marina next to the bridge, where residents can take to the waters in their kayaks or paddle boards.


University Heights

Our final stop in Squamish takes us to University Heights, Vazquez’s favourite neighbourhood. She might be biased, however, as she was the third person to ever call the community home, back when it was still under development.

Surrounded by nature and with countless hiking and biking trails nearby, University Heights is a favourite for families looking for more space, both inside and out.

"Instead of living in North Vancouver or Coal Harbour in a condo, [Vancouverites] can afford to buy for the same amount of money a detached single-family house here," Vazquez explains.

Find out how University Heights is tackling the cost of living crisis by embracing geothermal energy.

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Our Guide

Angie Vazquez

Engel & Volkers Whistler


Angie Vazquez is a woman motivated by love. It’s why she moved to Canada and settled in Squamish. And it’s what makes her a great realtor. Her love for her community is infectious and it helps her find the right home for the right families.

Vazquez grew up in Baja, Mexico before working as a computer engineer in Mexico City. She moved to Squamish 13 years ago and became a realtor in order to spend more time with her children.

Today, she’s sold more than 250 properties with Engel & Volkers and says she still uses her engineering background to “analyze and determine the best strategy and competitive advantage for each client’s unique needs”.

More about Angie

Sponsors a local bus shelter in Squamish

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“ ”

When I moved here, the first night I felt like I had headphones on. It was so silent that I was attentive. I was like, what is that? And it was silence!

Angie Vazquez

Engel & Volkers Whistler


Living Here

Agent’s Pick: Explore this 3-bed, 3-bath home

The Crescent in University Heights

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Vazquez believes Squamish is a great place to live, play, work and invest. New developments are adding townhomes and condos to this hot market, while detached homes are still available in neighborhoods outside the downtown core.

We stop at a gorgeous house in University Heights, facing west with mountain and valley views. With three bedrooms and three bathrooms, this place is perfect for a family looking for comfort inside and adventure right outside the front door.

Behind the scenes with Stephen.

Let’s be real, Squamish was never going to be a difficult episode to shoot. I love the place already and regularly make the trip up to the Fox and Oak cafe for doughnuts or Peckinpah for dinner. Couple that with the unbelievable views and you’ve got a winning formula. But just like in every episode of this series, there was one thing I did not take into account - the agent. In this case, Angie Vazquez managed to turn my love for Squamish up to 11.

Angie, like me, is an immigrant who has hustled her way to the top of her field, and all while staying true to herself. She helped fund some of the murals dotted around the community’’s walls, sponsored a bus shelter to welcome people into the town and regularly gives dance lessons for locals (needless to say my lesson was less than successful). Angie showed me that views and amenities are all well and good but at the end of the day, it's the people that make a place a neighborhood.

Time and time again, we got stopped on the street by people passing by hoping to catch up with Angie and see what she was up to. Time and time again, Angie stopped, chatted, laughed and then told me that person's life story when they inevitably spotted the cameras surrounding us and scurried off. Angie loves her community and that love is contagious - so much so that I left my day in Squamish fully convinced that if anyone could make me leave my highrise in downtown Vancouver, it would be Angie.

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