Meet the RealTours Cast: Vincent Lim

The truth is that real estate isn’t about property. It’s about people.


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The truth is that real estate isn’t about property. It’s about people.

Sometimes a place leaves a mark on a person and keeps calling them back. Vincent Lim was born in Richmond, left twice and finally found his way home. After a childhood hiatus in Asia and a move to Vancouver, these days Lim calls the waterside village of Steveston home. Good news for homeseekers in the area looking for a Richmond expert - there are few people who know the city better.

We get to know this top realtor in Season One of RealTours, as he guides Stephen Tadgh through Richmond’s diverse neighbourhoods.

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The importance of family.

For Lim, Richmond is about family. Besides a few years in Asia, his childhood was spent here. Much of his extended family lives here.

When he had children of his own, he was faced with the decision to stay in his new home of Vancouver, or head back to his old stomping grounds.

"For me to move my family back, it was about affordability,” he explains. “That's one of the main drivers, but in the end it's also close to family. All my family is here in Richmond."

His decision landed him in Steveston, a tight-knit community where neighbours know each other and children enjoy a simpler life.

"I think the biggest difference is the lifestyle,” he says. “It's a lot quieter here, a smaller community as compared to the hustle and bustle of Central Richmond."


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My goal is always to help you buy a property. But I also want you to make money.

Vincent Lim

Vancity Experts Real Estate Group


Changing careers.

Real estate wasn’t always on the cards for Lim. He started his career in the world of finance, honing his negotiating skills and learning all he could about personal finance options. But after seven years, he realized he needed a career change.

“I didn't want another 10 years to pass by, climbing the corporate ladder and living a life of regret,” he says. "Real estate was the only thing that came up. There was no Plan B."

Lim hasn’t looked back and it’s clear he found his true calling. Since 2017, he’s consistently been in the top 10% of realtors in the Lower Mainland. He’s built a loyal client base, offering services in both English and Mandarin. As Richmond continues to grow, homeseekers are fortunate to have Lim there to guide them through the twists and turns of the market.

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