Meet the RealTours Cast: Peter Dolecki

The truth is that real estate isn’t about property. It’s about people.


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The truth is that real estate isn’t about property. It’s about people.

They say a life without passion is not a life. Luckily for Peter Dolecki, he has several passions to choose from. Coming out on top for the entrepreneur and realtor are his family, his career and a pretty epic collection of hotrods and muscle cars.

We get to know Dolecki in Season One of RealTours, as he guides Stephen Tadgh through the coastal neighbourhoods of South Surrey and White Rock.

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A mind for business.

Dolecki has real estate in his blood. His mother was a successful realtor in Richmond for over 25 years. You’d think with that kind of family example, he’d start his career in this industry. But Dolecki is an entrepreneur at heart and he’s tried his hand at a wide range of career options, including chemical distribution and automobile exports. He even ran Vancouver’s largest independent limousine company. It wasn’t until 2007 that he followed in his mother’s footsteps and took up real estate.

Since then, he’s built up a loyal client base with his top-notch negotiating skills and his no-nonsense approach. His experience in the world of business taught him a great deal about success and failure, and the importance of a positive outcome for all parties.

"It's the art of the deal for me,” he says. “If you can make your buyer happy and your seller happy in a transaction, that's the best deal in the world.


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If we walk into a house and my clients love what they see but I see fault with it, I take my clients to one side and I say there's something wrong with this house.

Peter Dolecki

RE/MAX Westcoast


Fast and Furious.

Now on to the cars. Dolecki’s love of the automobile has resulted in a special collection of muscle cars and hotrods over the years. How many? Well, more than any wife would approve of, he jokes.

"I've always been involved in muscle cars and hotrods from a very young age, probably before I had my driver's licence,” he explains. “Anytime I get a chance to go for a drive in something more fun than a regular vehicle, you'll see me out there."

If you’re on the White Rock promenade and a 1968 Oldsmobile 442 passes you by, give Dolecki a wave. He’s had that car for 27 years and it’s one of his favourites.

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