Five Great Tips For Selling Your Home During Winter

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Barry Magee

On dark dreary days, your home may not be looking its best. Local agent Barry Magee offers some advice for those listing properties in winter [updated]

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On dark dreary days, your home may not be looking its best. Local agent Barry Magee offers some advice for those listing properties in winter

Sometimes the last thing someone wants to do during the winter months is shop for a home. As real estate agents we always dread showing units on dreary, rainy days because it often doesn't show a property in its finest light (quite literally).

Now that the holidays are over, let's have a look at some tactics to make your house stand out in the crowd. Don't let the winter blues get you down, just follow this great advice and your property sale will happen sooner rather than later.

1. Don't Let Winter Win

Even when it's driving rain and super cold, there are things you can do to use this to your advantage. Focus on providing a warm, dry home to prospective buyers, make sure your heating system is on a comfortable setting and maybe even have some towels at the front door to dry off visitors. If it snowed outside recently, make sure to dig out the old shovel and make sure your buyers don't have to park too far away from your property. If you don't let winter get in the way, it's no longer an obstacle to a home sale.

2. Make Your Home Cozy and Warm


When it's cold outside there is nothing nicer than entering into a warm room. If the weather is cold enough outside maybe this will give added incentive to a visitor to stay in your home, and perhaps discover something in the property that tickles their buying bone. Make sure you don't go overboard and make it too hot, though, you don't want a potential buyer to be sweating before they make an offer! Comfort can go a long way to securing a potential sale, so make sure you find a sweet spot on your thermostat.

3. Let There Be Light!

Vancouverites head out in droves the second the sun breaks through the clouds, and winter is no exception to this rule. It gets darker earlier in the evening, making weekday showings trickier. Make sure the outside of your house features great lighting and make sure every available light inside is turned on. No one will stay in your property and be able see all its subtle features if it's dark and dreary inside. It's also a safety feature, as you don't want a visitor tripping and falling while they are visiting your home!

4. Be Prepared

When you plan for the worst, the best will often show itself. That's a motto I live by when selling a property. Many people ask potential buyers to remove their shoes inside, but if you think it's rude to do so, make sure you have some hearty rugs so they can properly wipe their feet as they enter. You should likely have an assigned spot where everyone can place their coats, so they don't have to carry them around as they tour the unit. Be prepared to spend some time cleaning afterwards – it could very well be worth it if you find the right buyer.

5. Take Your Pet to the Groomer


Focus primarily on your home, but if you have some furry friends at home it's a good idea that they should be cleaned and groomed prior to showing your home. This will reduce the allergens given off by your pet and improve the smell of your home. You want to present your property as somewhere that anyone can live. Having a home that smells great and is presentable and clean can only improve your chances of success.


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