123 Portland Caledonia-Fairbank
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Amenities at 123 Portland
The Gym, Lounge, Kitchen Bar + Dining Room and Rooftop are at once genre-defining instances of life-enhancing amenities and convention challenging deviations from the norm. Artfully designed to catalyze social interaction, they reestablish what it me...
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The Rooftop
The Rooftop is an urban escape, floating 15-storeys above a sea of activity. A 360-degree panorama connects residents to the buzzing skyline and a lush, biophilic design reconnects residents to the natural world. Profuse green alcoves house secluded ...
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The Kitchen Bar + Dining Room
The Kitchen Bar + Dining Room is a pastiche of allusions. It’s defining feature, a shows topping curved, metallic ceiling piece, draws the backdrop of the bar up over the wired dining area, and reiterates the brass detailing found throughout the buil...
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The Lounge
The Lounge further develops the theatrical tones of The Lobby, but here the wood is warmer, the stone is darker, and the ornate detailing is more pronounced. The astonishingly embellished ceiling floats high above freeform colour-blocked wired seatin...
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