Grand Mount Pleasant East
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138 E 8th Avenue
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The timeless beauty of yesterday with the innovative concept of today, live life Grand.
Starting from $829,000
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Our vision is to not only create a product, but an experience. Embracing oneself in sheer luxury, from lobby to home, all of which is enjoyed in a discrete concrete structure. A countless number of factors can be incorporated to sculpting a building,... Show More
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179 West 2nd Ave, Vancouver
Daily: 12-5pm
About Developer
Inspired by the Vancouver landscape, Green Oak Development creates contemporary and timeless properties that compliment the West Side. We breathe life into every project by treating every space like our own; paying delicate attention to the small intricacies that turn a house into a home. Specializing in luxury estates, mixed use complexes and multi-family residences, we build lasting architecture without disturbing the West Side's celebrated heritage. Our personal commitment to our clients and community guarantees the preservation of Vancouver’s culture and the longevity of the Green Oak family, brand and story.