The Bluffs at HuronGoderich


Your New Home is Just the Start.
The Bluffs experience wouldn’t be complete without a first-class recreation centre. Set back from the edge of the bluffs and surrounded by well-tended lawns, the 8,000-square foot Recreation Centre, Fitness Centre and Assembly Hall complex is ready t...
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Recreation & Fitness Centre
The Recreation Centre boasts a lounge, a meeting room, a bar and a library. It is complemented by a full-service Fitness Centre complete with the latest fitness equipment and dedicated workout space, as well as an indoor pool and accessible men’s and...
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Assembly Hall
On the other side of the Rec Centre is the Assembly Hall, the perfect spot for birthday and Christmas parties, dinners and celebrations of all kinds. Like the Fitness Centre and the ground of the Recreation Centre, the Assembly Hall is completely acc...
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Features At The Bluffs at Huron
The Bluffs at Huron offers, modern, high-quality homes. With several different models and layouts to choose from, you’ll find your dream home here at The Bluffs at Huron. The homes have been meticulously crafted with contemporary designs and beautifully tailored finishes. Enjoy breathtaking views, and open-concept layouts.
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