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Ever since Arezoo Iris Khodkar made her move to Canada in 1997, she has been dedicated to the art of commitment, dedication and client satisfaction. Originally a pre-med student, Arezoo Iris made a decision to pursue a career in Computer science. However, her plans to work within the technology sector did not work as planned due to the 9/11 backlash. She went on to find a career as a sales representative for Estee Lauder. Within a few years, Arezoo Iris made a life changing decision to pursue a ...

Ever since Arezoo Iris Khodkar made her move to Canada in 1997, she has been dedicated to the art of commitment, dedication and client satisfaction. Originally a pre-med student, Arezoo Iris made a decision to pursue a career in Computer science. However, her plans to work within the technology sector did not work as planned due to the 9/11 backlash. She went on to find a career as a sales representative for Estee Lauder. Within a few years, Arezoo Iris made a life changing decision to pursue a full-time career in Real Estate. She has been dedicated to the business for over eight years. Client satisfaction is one of her main driving forces in committing to this competitive business.

Below are some of my Client Testimonials

By: M. Farsa

I worked with few real estate agents before meeting Arezoo (Iris) but I didn't receive the level of services that I was expecting. What I was looking for in an agent was to guide me to the right direction, provide me with an expert opinion and be professional. A friend of mine, based on his several successful experiences, referred me to Arezoo. In every step of house searching, Arezoo provided me with accurate information about the neighbourhood, the market value and the house integrity. During the offer process, she assisted me to put an offer that was workable and had a high chance of sign-back. She was also strategic with the negotiation process which helped in successfully closing the deal for me. Arezoo continued her support and services until the closing and responded to all my inquiries promptly. She is professional, reliable, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. It was a great pleasure working with Arezoo and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with real estate.

By: Suzette T.

I want to take this time to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Who knew that years ago when you door-knocked on my house in Richmond Hill, that we would still be on this journey together and I would now be living in Barrie? If you remember when I first met you in 2013, I had interviewed other real estate agents and it came down to your team or Paula Minuti’s. But you and I had an instant connection! When I saw how professional you were, that you were on time and that you did everything to provide a service with the highest level of excellence, I knew that I could trust you with one of the biggest decisions of my life, selling what was so important to me. And not only did you sell my house in a challenging time, but with your approach and staging, a bidding war was created and I received over $20,000 more than my asking price. You are truly amazing! When I decided to lease a condo in downtown Toronto for my new job, there was no doubt in my mind of which real estate agent to call and once again you found me the right condo for the right price and you were supportive from the very beginning, to the very end. Over the years we have truly developed a friendship that is based on mutual respect and trust and so this summer when I decided to make the move to Barrie, of course without hesitation I called you. Understanding the sensitivity of what I was walking through in my personal life, you knew that this would be difficult for me. Regardless, you rose to the challenge, held my hand through the entire process and looked for the best house, in the best neighbourhood, for the best price. I even experienced some challenges with my mortgage broker before the closing and you were right there to support me and provide advice to me that set my mind at ease. And then after the closing, when it should have been the most exciting time, I was so overwhelmed. This was the third house that I had purchased, but the first resale and so I was not prepared for the mess, the appliances, the furniture and all the additional stuff that the Seller left behind when she moved. Most agents would not have cared, because the house closed and they would have already received their pay cheque, but not with you. You became involved because you see every client to the very end to ensure that their experience is truly the best. And so when my lawyer said that I could take the Seller to small claims court, you said that you would not only schedule, but cover the cost to have all of the junk removed. Wow, what real estate agent goes that above and beyond? When the junk removal team came and removed everything, I literally sat on my couch that afternoon and cried because I was so stressed out, didn’t know how I was going to do it, but you had come through for me and I had peace of mind. Iris, you and your team are truly amazing. You leave no detail undone, you build a repour with your clients where they can trust you and feel safe with your leadership. I will hands down recommend you to anyone looking to buy or sell their home. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything that you have done for me this far and please know that when I buy my next home, I already know who to call.

Marina Lander 12/16/20 Google
Marina Lander worked with Iris Khodkar in 2020.
Thank you for the attentive gift.
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Achim Mohssen-Beyk 11/16/20 Google
Helped Achim Mohssen-Beyk to buy & sell a home(s) in 2020.
We were looking recently for a home for our family. Iris was great in arranging to view the right properties, updated us daily about new listings and was great when we needed more info. We found the right home and her professional service and guidance enabled us to secure the home. I highly recommend her and i am happy we decided to consult her to purchase a home.
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Noreen Alibhai 11/16/20 Google
Helped Noreen Alibhai to buy & sell a home(s) in 2020.
We have always had a wonderful experience with Iris and our latest one was no different. She is unbelievably professional, articulate and amazingly helpful. Iris will go out of her way to help you navigate the buying or selling process and provide extremely useful advice. This always ensures you are one step ahead provides a great deal of comfort in an otherwise stressful period. Thank you Iris for all that you do - you really are an exceptional person :-)
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Drew Higgins 11/16/20 Google
Helped Drew Higgins to buy & sell a home(s) in 2020.
Iris was an amazing realtor that helped us find a house that we really love! She is very up to date on local markets, incredibly responsive and proactive, and a very pleasant person to deal with. She did not put any pressure on us, and was very candid with her assessment of the various properties we looked at taking into account of what we had told her we are looking for. Furthermore, she was there to provide guidance, help and support through every step of the process, even after the deal had been finalized. I would highly recommend Iris to anyone looking to purchase or sell a property!
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Isabela Popolizio Morales 11/16/20 Google
Isabela Popolizio Morales worked with Iris Khodkar in 2020.
Shows great knowledge of the market, which gives clients great confidence when making decisions.
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Ira Grewal 11/16/19 Google
Helped Ira Grewal to buy & sell a home(s) in 2019.
We had a very pleasant experience working with Iris and her team , both in selling our house and purchasing our new home , Iris was very Professional , Diligent and a very well Informed Realtor. She guided us very well and we were very happy that we chose her as our Realtor , Thank you Iris we appreciate your service.
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Elmira Moradi 11/16/19 Google
Listed and Sold a property for Elmira Moradi in 2019.
I have bought and sold a number of houses with Iris. This last sale really showed how experienced and professional she is. Dealing with a difficult buyer and handling their outrageous claims in a tough market. I was amazed at how quickly you dealt with the many issues raised by the other side and you knew exactly what to do. Iris, thank you so much for the support and wonderful job you did selling my house and getting us the best price. Looking forward to working with you again!
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Farah Shayan 11/16/19 Google
Farah Shayan worked with Iris Khodkar in 2019.
When you ask something from Iris consider it as it done. She is very persistent
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tom par 11/16/19 Google
tom par worked with Iris Khodkar in 2019.
Perfect service. Thanks
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Golbahar Rafinejad 11/16/19 Google
Helped Golbahar Rafinejad to buy & sell a home(s) in 2019.
Arezoo (Iris) has been absolutely amazing to work with! She sold my condo within 8 days of it going on the market and the 8 days were because we put a hold on receiving offers. Arezoo has been extremely professional and responsive throughout all of my interactions with her. She's very communicative about each step in the selling process and worked to ensure that I got a good deal. I am so happy that she was my real estate agent and I look forward to buying a home with her in the future!
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Anousheh abbas-nejad 11/16/19 Google
Anousheh abbas-nejad worked with Iris Khodkar in 2019.
Iris helped me to fnd my mom a place in Toronto, she could call home.After few years, helped us again to rent out the condo unit. Beside her professional approach in handlng our cases, her friendly and caring personality was the charm that helped us ease our stress. We knew that we are in good hands.
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Jim Henderson 11/16/19 Google
Helped Jim Henderson to buy & sell a home(s) in 2019.
Excellent service on both selling and buying our new home. Really helped us understand the pro and cons of each decision and all the minor details that came up. Really happy with our new home!
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Soroush Chehre-Negar 11/16/19 Google
Helped Soroush Chehre-Negar to buy & sell a home(s) in 2019.
My wife and I had a pleasure to work with Iris Khodkar (Arezoo) to sell our property and buy a new one in a very short time period and we couldn't be happier with her great assists. I believe selling and buying a property is one of the biggest challenges and surely one of the most important investments everyone can ever have and for that reason choosing the right "advisor" can have a huge impact on a proper planning for the future. Iris's helps from the day first to the end have made us be so confident for making the right decisions. We are very grateful for the benefits of her professional work.
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Steven 11/16/19 Google
Steven worked with Iris Khodkar in 2019.
Very professional and thoughtful!
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Julia Stefan 11/16/19 Google
Helped Julia Stefan to buy & sell a home(s) in 2019.
Great personality, very personable and honest. I would definitely recommend Iris as an agent and I look forward to using her again in the future. She is very dedicated and definitely gives client satisfaction! So happy with her services and with her as a person. She is very knowledgeable and explains everything to you so you know exactly what you are getting. She doesn’t look just to sell or can tell she really wants to make her clients happy and get them the best deal ! If you are looking for your dream home or to sell, I can’t think of a better agent. Thanks IRIS!!!
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Shelly Khushal 11/16/19 Google
Shelly Khushal worked with Iris Khodkar in 2019.
Quality service, excellent follow through, patient in helping you find your dream home!
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Avideh Jalali 11/16/19 Google
Avideh Jalali worked with Iris Khodkar in 2019.
Very professional, loved her work. Would definitely recommend.
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Kacey Young 11/16/19 Google
Kacey Young worked with Iris Khodkar in 2019.
Moataz and Iris have been wonderful to work with! They are both kind and accommodating. They have always been readily available and easy to communicate with. They strive for fast and friendly service which is very important when it comes to our individual needs and they have always delivered. The fact that they answer promptly conveys just how much they care about their clients. We still stay in touch today and will use them for any of our future real estate needs. We Highly recommend this team of professionals !
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Soheyla Roshan 11/16/19 Google
Soheyla Roshan worked with Iris Khodkar in 2019.
She is professional and organized. Iris personality is warm and friendly and takes her job very serious. I would definitely recommend her to everyone I know.
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afshineh vahedi 11/16/19 Google
afshineh vahedi worked with Iris Khodkar in 2019.
I love the energy and honesty I see in Iris (Arezoo) when I work with her. She is kind and thoughtful and has client's best interest at heart. I was never pushed to make a decision quickly. She spent time with me to ensure I'm comfortable with my decision. She wen't beyond and above my expectations. Very happy to say we're still friends after 6 years that I had my first meeting with her.
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Charles Park 11/16/19 Google
Charles Park worked with Iris Khodkar in 2019.
Award winning real estate service!
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Amir Samadi 11/16/18 Google
Amir Samadi worked with Iris Khodkar in 2018.
Hard working, assertive, detail oriented, honest, caring, knowledgeable and courteous. All around first class service.
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Aras F. 11/16/17 Google
Helped Aras F. to buy a property in 2017.
My family and I met Iris over 7 years ago. She helped us during a very tough time in our lives when we had to rush to find a suitable home. Our first impressions were great. She is super friendly and easy to work with. She always puts in the time and effort and is very honest and knowledgeable. She always had our best interest in mind and did not rush or make us feel pressured or stressed in any way. Even when we were ready to settle for something, she would push us to keep searching for the perfect place. Since our first purchase with her, we knew we would keep using her services in the future and were very happy when Evelyn & Iris joined together. Between us all, we have purchased 5 properties with them and their services did not end there, they also helped us find tenants, contractors and mortgage brokers. They truly are a full service team. Together they have decades of experience and will always go above and beyond for their clients. Iris & Evelyn, thank you both so much for all your help and support over the years and working tirelessly to get us the best deals! We really appreciate you.
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Ben Kreaden 11/16/15 Google
Helped Ben Kreaden to buy & sell a home(s) in 2015.
I have worked with Evelyn on two separate occasions: purchasing my first condo and helping me find a tenant to lease it. Evelyn is an expert when it helping you find the perfect home. There were a few occasions where I was satisfied with a particular unit and she advised me to move on. She is not in it just to make a sale, she truly does care. She works tirelessly to provide you with options and to make sure all your requests are satisfied. Never any pressure either. I have already recommended her to one of my friends and will continue to do so. Great service!
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