Olivia Xue PREC*

RE/MAX Crest Realty

19 Recommendations
Vienna Leung 06/17/21
Helped Vienna Leung to buy a condo in Vancouver in 2021.
Courtney Lee 04/27/21 Google
Helped Courtney Lee to buy a property in 2021.
Olivia was very professional and great to deal with! In buying my first place, I wasn’t sure about the whole process and was learning as I went along. Olivia was very patient and understanding with me and was informative and regularly communicated. I’d recommend her to anyone who is looking for a home!
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Laura K. Baumvol 04/27/21 Google
Laura K. Baumvol worked with Olivia Xue PREC* in 2021.
Olivia is the most efficient and responsive real estate agent I've ever worked with. She really cares about her clients and went above and beyond during our negotiation and after the deal was closed. She is someone you can rely on and trust 100%, which is not easy to find these days. I wish everyone could have an agent like her.
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jaiz joy 04/27/21 Google
jaiz joy worked with Olivia Xue PREC* in 2021.
It was overall a good experience. Olivia know the business in and out. Olivia is the expert of Burnaby Coquitlam NewWest area. Thanks for helping us to get the dream home.
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Gilbert Chan 03/27/21 Google
Gilbert Chan worked with Olivia Xue PREC* in 2021.
I've dealt with Olivia on several files and my clients have nothing but glowing comments about her and how she looked after their interests. Professionally I found dealing with Olivia to be a real pleasure and the dedication she has for her clients is very evident. Look forward to working with Olivia more in the future.
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Chris Yoon 03/27/21 Google
Listed and Sold a condo for Chris Yoon in 2021.
Olivia helped me sell my condo in the Burnaby area, and it sold for more than I expected. She also provided great advice and was quite responsive, so was overall pretty happy with the whole process.
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Gurleen P 03/27/21 Google
Gurleen P worked with Olivia Xue PREC* in 2021.
Olivia was the best agent I could ask for as a first time home buyer. She was patient, understanding, transparent and very knowledgeable about the whole process. I’d definitely suggest any individual to choose Olivia as their real estate agent. She started out as my agent, but now she’s become a dear friend.
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Siyu Liang 11/27/20 Google
Helped Siyu Liang to buy & sell a home(s) in 2020.
Olivia Xue was our realtor for selling an apartment in Vancouver. She is not only very knowledgeable about the real estate market, provided us a plethora of constructive suggestions, also highly experienced in handling buy/sell process. Olivia is a great communicator and has impressive negotiation skills so our condo was sold at a higher price. We're very lucky to have Olivia as a realtor and we'd highly recommend her to anyone who's looking for a great realtor in the Great Vancouver area.
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Jacqueline Wong 11/27/20 Google
Listed and Sold a property for Jacqueline Wong in 2020.
Olivia was very efficient and diligent in showing us different neighborhoods and homes. Her attention to detail and willingness to go beyond her job to help a client find a home with good resale value makes her a great choice!
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Lindsay L. 11/27/20 Google
Helped Lindsay L. to buy a property in 2020.
Purchased investment property while out of town. Found and bought a high quality investment property in Vancouver. Olivia is very professional and trustworthy, would recommend!
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Nadya Lina 09/27/20 Google
Helped Nadya Lina to buy a property in 2020.
Olivia won me over on a phone call. I wanted to use someone a friend recommended but she was so knowledgeable and helpful. I ended up buying my first place with her and Jark. She took the time to do a ton of searching and many viewings with me. Couldn’t be happier with the results.
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Samantha Cyr 09/27/20 Google
Samantha Cyr worked with Olivia Xue PREC* in 2020.
Olivia is a true professional. She handles her clients with great care and I respect her consistent work ethic and skillful communication. Would definitely recommend working with her!
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Marc Botham 09/27/20 Google
Marc Botham worked with Olivia Xue PREC* in 2020.
As a photographer specializing in Architectural, exterior and interior shoots, It was a pleasure working with Olivia who is a dedicated agent with an eye for detail and design, which was evident in the way she brought an unfurnished condo to life with just a few key and strategically placed pieces
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Winnie Chan 09/27/20 Google
Winnie Chan worked with Olivia Xue PREC* in 2020.
would definitely ask for her support in the future!
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Jun Kim 09/27/20 Google
Helped Jun Kim to buy a property in 2020.
Olivia did a great job helping me purchase a home recently. She was very flexible and made a great effort to keep me satisfied while we viewed multiple homes.
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Jark Krysinski *PREC, TeamYVR Real Estate Agents 09/27/20 Google
Jark Krysinski *PREC, TeamYVR Real Estate Agents worked with Olivia Xue PREC* in 2020.
It's been a pleasure working with Olivia on many real estate transactions. I would recommend her in a heartbeat both due to her kindness, commitment, attention to details and, last but not least, because she brings with her a committed real estate team that gets the job done. Keep up the good work!
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KARIM MEGHANI 09/27/20 Google
KARIM MEGHANI worked with Olivia Xue PREC* in 2020.
Olivia is very knowledgeable realtor . I found her to be both professional and congenial. She understands client's needs. Right from the beginning it was evident i was working with a professional who knows the market and has the experience necessary to get the job done provided the information required to make appropriate decisions. She was always available to answer questions and responded quickly. I enjoyed working with Olivia and highly recommend her.
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数据美丽 09/27/20 Google
Helped 数据美丽 to buy a property in 2020.
Olivia’s service was "professional, reliable, hard working, looking out for client's best interest, helped Our family with the best of our interest in mind. Will Leo working with her on our future investment purchases
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Rose Song 09/27/20 Google
Helped Rose Song to buy & sell a home(s) in 2020.
Olivia is my realtor for many years. She helped me buy and sell properties, and the most recent one is a presale condo in Burnaby. She is trustworthy, on top of communication and always available to my questions. Because of the changes at my work, I had to sell the condo before completion. Olivia helped me assign the purchase contract that was risk free for me and made me a great profit! I have introduced my friends to her who also bought and sold with her, and are very happy about it. I recommend Olivia as a great selling and buying agent to anyone!
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