Building Experts
Be recognized as one of the go-to agents in front of potential condo buyers and sellers.
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Building Expert lets you promote your sales experience within specific buildings and highlight your knowledge and success to potential customers.
Show expertise
Showcase your Expertise
Let your sales speak for themselves and differentiate yourself from your competition.
Connect buyers
Connect with Buyers and Sellers
Focus your marketing efforts on prospects interested in your specific buildings.
Gain exposure
Gain Unique Exposure
Gain valuable exposure and personal branding not available anywhere else.
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How does it work?

Three qualified Building Experts will be displayed on each building page. Your agent profile, contact information, along with your recent sales history will be listed. You can promote your building expertise in as many buildings as you've had sales transactions in.

By signing up as a Building Expert, you'll recieve a prominent profile box, which includes:

  • Agent Photo
  • Brokerage name
  • Agent phone number
  • Contact information with email lead form
  • Relevant sales experience in related building and area
  • Access to reporting to track performance on each building
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Do I qualify?
To qualify for Building Expert, agents must have a minimum of one verified transaction in the building within the last 36 months. Building Expert positions are available to Market Pro members only.
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What does it cost?
Building Expert operates on a pay-per-view model, so you're only charged when a consumer views your profile on the building page you're promoted on. Contact us for pricing.
Did you know?
Building and neighbourhood experience was cited as the #1 reason for a consumer to choose one agent over another.
*SOURCE: Consumer Survey February 2017. View Full Survey Results
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