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Market Pro has become a prerequisite for agents who are looking to grow their business.

Reach millions of home buyers and sellers who use REW every day to search for homes and connect with the real estate professionals they need.

Proven results that ensure you and your listings stand out.

increase in leads
for enhanced listings
increase in profile views
increase in pageviews
for enhanced listings

Build your brand and market presence
Connect with both home buyers and sellers
Promote your area of expertise
Grow your listing traffic and lead pipeline

Features that promote exposure and connections


Access to Local Expert

Exclusive to Market Pro members, Local Expert highlights your expertise in high value locations, putting you front and center of buyers and sellers in the areas you have experience.

Because Local Expert is not dependent on having active listings, it allows you to protect your turf and connect with potential buyers and sellers sooner.

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We've done all the hard work

100% of your budget is going toward home buyers and sellers that are actively engaged in the areas you have experience.

Partners in success

We're always listening to your feedback to improve our suite of agent products, so they work harder for you.

We're proud to work with some of Canada's top brokerages
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Market Pro membership starts at $65/month and varies based on how much exposure you're looking for. Call or email us to sign up or get more information about how REW can help you.
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