Real estate listings, new home developments, and industry news - all in one easy-to-use place.

Real estate is so much more than the exchange of property.

We believe that finding your next home should be straightforward. That it should be simple, and the search experience should be fast. We believe in educating through data and insights, empowering our audiences to learn and make good decisions. To think big and dream bigger.

Real estate can be new and exciting. It can inspire spontaneity, or be a test of patience. It can be a science or a gamble.

There are so many ways to define what real estate is, because to each of us, it's different and unique. And for all the ways we experience real estate, there's REW.

Why we do this.

Our mission is to be the most comprehensive destination for all things real estate, as well as help create the connections that bring the home ownership dream to life.

Whether buying, selling, learning, or simply perusing, we want to arm you with all the information you need to feel empowered, informed, and ready to take on your real estate goals.

Our Roots.

Our history in the real estate industry dates back to 1977 with the launch of Real Estate Weekly - a weekly print publication that continues to be a staple in Vancouver's real estate space.

In 2011, we launched rew.ca in the hopes of providing a better way for people to search for real estate. We continued to build on our search experience, adding better functionality, news and insights, and listings for properties across Canada. In 2017, we rebranded to become Real Estate Wire - the real estate search and data hub you know today.