Our team comes to work every day to help people find homes.

Real Estate Wire (REW) is a real estate marketplace and information hub in BC and Ontario. Whether you're buying, selling, learning, or simply perusing, REW provides you with a fast and easy home search experience, and arms you with the information and connections you need to take on your real estate goals.

Real Estate is so much more than the exchange of property.

We believe that finding your next home should be straightforward. That it should be simple, and the search experience should be fast.

We believe in educating through data and insights. Empowering our audience to learn and make good decisions.

Real estate can be new and exciting. It can inspire spontaneity, and be a test of patience. It can be a science or a gamble.

There are so many ways to define what real estate is, because to each of us, it's different and unique. And for all the ways we experience real estate, there's REW.

Our history has always been centred around helping people find homes.

Our roots in the real estate industry date back to 1977, when publication Real Estate Weekly (now Real Estate Weekly Homes) hit the streets with printed pages of properties for sale.

REW.ca was launched in 2011, and continued to build on the home search experience, adding more functionality, information and listings for properties across Canada. Over time, REW.ca and Real Estate Weekly grew to become two separate brands. And in 2017, REW.ca rebranded to Real Estate Wire, REW for short - the real estate search and information hub you know today.