Know What Can Go: A Video Guide to Home Maintenance

June 10, 2013

You're pouring a huge chunk of your income into your house or condo. The less you have to spend on fixing it, the more you've got for paying down the mortgage.

One if the best ways to avoid spending money on your home is to spend some time on regular home maintenance. The Homeowner Protection Office of BC Housing has put together "Maintenance Matters," a series of quick videos on how to maintain various parts of your home so you don't end up with big fix-it bills down the road.

They're aimed at owners in strata properties who want to keep an eye on the maintenance of the building as well as their own unit, but these tips work just as well for owners of houses too.

Each video is accompanied by a handy flyer that goes into more detail.

Avoiding Condensation

Did you know that four people simply breathing can add 30 to 40 litres to the air in a home over a week? There are tons of simple things you can do to prevent condensation from becoming an ugly problem.

More tips on avoiding condensation

Windows and Exterior Doors

Doors and windows can be the weak spots in your home, but with these easy maintenance tips you can make sure they're doing their job of keeping the outside... outside.

More tips on window and door maintenance

Exposed Wood Structures

Here are tips on keeping exposed wood from getting soggy and bug-infested in our wet climate. Anlso learn why your strata should have a yearly professional inspection of all exposed wood.

More tips on maintenance for exposed wood

Decks and Balconies

With decks and balconies, the most important thing is to keep the underlying structure dry. Damage isn't always obvious on the surface.

More maintenance tips for decks and balconies

Cladding in Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

Tempting as it is to use a power washer to make your exterior walls look like new, it's a terrible idea. This video tells you why, and gives you cleaning alternatives for popular exterior materials.

More tips on maintaining your home's exterior


Extending the life of your roof will save you thousands of dollars. See what a roofing inspector watches out for, and find out some danger signs that you can spot on your own.

More tips on keeping your roof waterproof

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