Easy Tweaks to Make Your Real Estate Agent Website a Top Performer

Elizabeth Wilson
November 22, 2013

When was the last time you visited your Real Estate Agent website? If it's been a while, book an appointment with yourself to go through every page, testing every link and looking at it with new eyes.

Before you do, visit your competitors' sites and see what you're up against. Take special note of what makes you want to find out more/click through/take action. Can you adapt these ideas for your own site?

After that, it should only take an hour or so to figure out what your site needs.

Making copy or design changes will require more time if you're doing them yourself. If not, put a list together for the company that manages your site.

Things change in the real world, but sometimes those changes don't make it to your Real Estate Agent website. Bring it up-to-date now.

Change the copyright notice to next year.

Update contact information, including new phone numbers, email addresses and social media links.

Add new client testimonials(or if you don't have any, start asking for them!)

Post new photos of yourself and anyone else who appears on your site.

Make sure all links to other pages, sites, articles work.

Read your copy the way a potential client would. The objective is to get them to call you. Your copy has to answer the question, "What can this Real Estate Agent do for me?"

These are the elements of effective website copy.

Even if you have a template site, there are things you can do to make the design work better.

Some general advice: sign up for Google Analytics. It's a free program that shows you how people are using your site. You'll know where they're coming from, what they're reading and where they're exiting. Google Analytics data lets you play to your strengths and eliminate your weaknesses.

Finally, talk to us about how can power up your online branding.

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