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Real Estate Weekly and are BC’s most comprehensive source for real estate news and home property listings is BC's leading real estate portal for new homes and residential listings. With more than a million visits each month and recognized brand that people know and trust, we deliver targeted and effective marketing services that will allow you to engage and interact with local home buyers and sellers better than any other consumer real estate website in BC.
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Digital Solutions

Find out how we can develop highly-targeted campaigns to reach your target audience. Deliver your message to who you want, when you want it, at the highest level of engagement.
Advertising digital agents

Instantly increase your listing traffic and capture more quality leads.

Boost your visibility and geo-target your potential clients with the following real estate agent focussed solutions.
Market Pro

Instantly increase your listing traffic and capture more leads.

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Featured Listings

Take your listing to the top of the search results and guarantee maximum exposure from day one.

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Neighbourhood Expert

Exclusive opportunity to target a neighbourhood and market yourself as the local expert.

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Advertising digital developers

Ensure your latest project stands out.

Build More Connections

Build more connections with additional lead capture tools that let home shoppers easily contact you from any device with one click.

Boost Your Exposure

Boost your exposure through priority placement in new development searches, links to your website, and company profile.

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Advertising digital advertisers

Ensure your latest campaign is seen in one of the hottest real estate market.

We offer a range of innovative and effective marketing solutions to deliver your brand message to a highly targeted segment of consumers in BC. Everything from premium online advertising and email marketing to custom development and sponsored content opportunities. For more information, please contact us at 604-350-3500.
Call 604.630.3500 to speak with one of our representatives about pricing and availability.

Print Solutions

REW and Glacier Media’s wide network of community newspapers has the largest circulation of any real estate publication in the lower mainland. Call (604) 435-7977 for print advertising inquiries.
Advertising print

BC’s most comprehensive source for real estate news.

Real Estate Weekly

The trusted source for real estate information for almost 40 years and is distributed weekly to 310,000 homes in the Lower Mainland.

West Coast Condominium

West Coast Condominium offers the largest and most comprehensive distribution method targeting condo purchasers in the marketplace.

Western Investor

Canada's source for commercial real estate and investment opportunities and news.

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For detailed advertising rate information or a quote based on your specific advertising requirements please contact your account representative, or fill out the form to have someone contact you.